Matt Allen

Head of Content Strategy

Matt Allen

With a degree in English Literature, a knack for storytelling and a fear of incorrectly placed apostrophe’s (exactly like that one), Matt decided to pursue a role in content marketing. Based in Birmingham and having now been at Eastside Co for 7 years, his role has developed beyond content and more broadly into marketing, encompassing social media, SEO, email, website and content management, articles, partner collaborations, company comms, events and podcasts.

Why do you think Shopify has become so successful?

The platform is really flexible and easy to use, which means it's a superb option for businesses of all sizes, from solo entrepreneurs starting from scratch, to hugely successful million pound businesses like Absolute Collagen. It's also a platform that allows those smaller businesses to grow into huge enterprises as it's endlessly scalable. The partner ecosystem and third party apps, combined with Shopify Plus Partners like Eastside Co mean that each Shopify store can be designed, developed and tailored to suit the needs of each individual ecommerce business and its customers.

Experts in the field

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