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E-commerce Round-up: American Eagle Joins In On the E-commerce Game

Posted By Amrita Aujla

Well known US clothing retailers American Eagle Outfitters are further trying to make their way into the UK market with their new e-commerce website. It is no secret how well established the American clothing giants are with their 24 stores situated all over the world in major cities such as Dubai and London, which opened last year.

American Eagle have been trying to crack the UK market for quite a while, with their first steps being the opening of their London store last year which was its first store in Europe! However, the brand felt that their London store was not enough to captivate the hearts of the British fashionista's therefore American Eagle's hope to strengthen their UK relationship with their new website. The Chief Commercial Officer of the company, Simon Nankervis, said "definite shifts between the various brick and mortar and digital channels" and that he thinks "we'll see more of that consumption continue to move online."

Although, this is not the American superstore's first dip into the e-commerce world as they have been running their e-commerce operations from their unified American website where they offered global shipping for all their customers all over the world. However their new UK website will open up many e-commerce channels for the brand as it is going to be their first localised web address.

Nankervis also emphasised that they are not skimming their focus London store or their expansion into the rest of Europe by saying their London store is "leading the trend and giving us a definite read on the way we want the consumers to work with us here."

American Eagle are definitely not the first established American brand that have leaped into the UK market as we have already been captivated by brands such as as J Crew who have been testing out the online waters of UK e-commerce since 2011.

Make sure you all keep an eye out for the many American brands that will be soon to be coming our way!

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