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E-commerce Roundup: E-commerce is Giving Luxury Brands a Helping Hand

Posted By Amrita Aujla

E-commerce has been paving success for many well-known brands out there such as Facebook, Poundland and Sainsbury's etc, but now e-commerce is going one step further.

It has been noted in a report by an established forecasting agency WGSN for Walpole that investment in e-commerce and business's online presence has fuelled a surge in their sales. This has been apparent for many luxury brands all over the world.

The forecasting agency surveyed many senior executives and other individuals that are closely linked with the digital marketing strategies of 33 different British companies who are well known for selling luxury branded goods. These prestige companies who are members of a luxury brand alliance, Walpole, have seen that by living in this ever growing digital age it is even more important now than ever before that companies should have a very strong and solid digital presence. This luxury brand alliance holds some of the world's most prestige designers such as Burberry, Alexander McQueen and Harrods.

Over half of respondents to the survey have said that basic digital marketing is not enough to create a strong digital presence, therefore there is clear need for a sophisticated approach to e-commerce. By being dominant in the e-commerce world, all of these luxury branded businesses have been able to boost their sales as well as bump up their business brand and customer loyalty.

However as e-commerce becomes more and more popular and there is no chance of this popularity slowing down any time soon, there is still plenty of space in the market for businesses to keep raking in their sales. Respondents to the survey are expecting their online sales to keep constantly increasing over the next five years as Carla Buzasi, global chief content officer at WGSN, said: "With growth in online, luxury brands are now recruiting digital experts to help them take their strategies to the next level."

From the forecasts found by WGSN many businesses are now looking to keep investing into the digital world as it has become a massive pool of opportunity for luxury brands as well as many other brands in a variety of industries.


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