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Ecommerce Roundup: Which Social Media Platform is the Best at Driving Sales?

Posted By Amrita Aujla

The world of social media is ever expanding but many eCommerce marketers still go to the same platforms to promote their business. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google + - the list just goes on and on but who exactly is on top in the social media world for driving sales for businesses? If I asked an eCommerce marketer this question most likely the response I would receive would be Facebook (big shocker) however it is very unlikely that businesses just use one social media platform for promotion these days so who else do they use? A new survey by eCommerce software provider Channel Advisor found that 64% of online retailers say that Facebook is their leading source of social media sales conversions. Many would assume that Pinterest would be seen as a hotbed for commercial potential however it was seen to have ranked very low on the survey which analysed 2000 eCommerce businesses social media sales conversions in the US and UK. A shocking 5% of businesses listed Pinterest as their main source of sales conversion, 9% for Instagram and only 19% for Twitter. Although, Facebook has a massive advantage compared to Pinterest in terms of audience. Pinterest may have been around for a very long time but even to this day many people do not know what it is or how it works which is a completely different story for Facebook as even my 70 year old grandparents know about Facebook! From the survey it would found that 89% of the 2000 online businesses that were analysed use Facebook, 41% use Pinterest, 70% use Twitter and 45% use Instagram. The survey asked businesses to name the network that drives the most conversions for them and the ranking only created an overall average therefore the order could be misleading as Pinterest might be the second-best conversion for a good number of the companies or perhaps Twitter is, but the data doesn't reveal an individual result.

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Ecommerce giants Snapdeal and fashion retailer Shoppers Shop have started a very strategic partnership to create an omni-channel retail experience for Indian consumers. They will present it with an amazing new experience in the digital marketplace with Shopper Shop. Read more with the link below.

Do you want to boost your ecommerce metrics for Google Analytics? For a deeper insight into performance and users flow through the conversion funnel then read this great article. Make sure you have your notebook and pen ready to take plenty of notes!

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