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How To Create A Shopify Sale - Shopify App Spotlight: FlashSale360

Posted By Jason Stokes

Everybody loves a sale, it's true! There is no better feeling than buying something for a discounted price. E commerce studies suggest that customers are more likely to convert if they feel they are getting a great deal. One of the biggest triggers for potential customers is having a discount code or exclusively marked sale section on your website. Therefore getting your promotional offers right is extremely important. At Shopify Builder we help our clients with their Shopify store everyday. One of the biggest questions that we receive is how to create sales and discounts on the eCommerce platform. Here is a guide to show you how to create Shopify sales and a recommended app to make the whole process a little easier.

How to create a Shopify sale manually

Creating a Shopify sale manually can be a long-winded process. The method that most store owners use to manually create sale prices within a Shopify store is to use the 'Compare At' feature. This is within the product screen in your admin panel. Depending on which theme you're utilizing, this 'Compare At' feature will show the original price with a strike through, for instance; some will show a 'sale' notice on the product image. Utilizing this method, customers can see both the pre-sale and the sale price. However there are some drawbacks to manually inputting sale prices.

The negatives of creating a Shopify sale manually

  • You cannot create discounts in bulk. Every price has to been changed manually making it extremely time consuming to create discounts in your store.
  • Sale prices cannot be scheduled. Therefore you cannot set a sale on a certain time or date.
  • Not only is it hard to create the discounts, it is also difficult and time consuming to reverse the process.
  • Products are not assigned to your sale collection instantly. You may have to fiddle about adding and removing tags to get your product to show up.

    Overall the process is fiddly, time consuming and can really mess up the structure of your store if you do not have the time to reorganize it. Luckily Shopify experts have spotted the problem and created apps to overcome the manual creation of a Shopify sale.

Why we recommend the FlashSale360 app

The application is owned by Shopify enthusiasts, Elappse. Having Shopify experience the developers have provided something that really covers all the issues of the manual Shopify sale functionality. FlashSale360 really recovers one of Shopify's biggest weaknesses: the inability to mass create, schedule and remove product discounts.

With FlashSale360, store owners can:

Discount products in Mass FlashSale360 allows both single-item and bulk discounting based on product name, product type, or product vendor. This makes it quick and simple to sort through which products you want to reduce. You can also sort your products by how long they have been in your shop if you want to get rid of old stock by encouraging purchases. If you want something in a collection to not be on discount then you can simply remove it with one click. With the app, products can be discounted by either a set amount or a percentage of the total price (like the manual Shopify discounts) However if you'd like the option of cleaner prices, then FlashSale360 offers rounding options allowing you to round your discounted prices to the nearest 5 cent, 9 cent, or 99 cent. Create and schedule product discounts for Daily Deals or timed flash sales The scheduling feature of FlashSale360 offers the ability for store owners to set which products (or collection of products) to be discounted in advance. Therefore if you are leaving your business for a while - or just want to plan next month's offers in one session - it is simple to set up! It also allows the discount to run out at a set time which is customisable by time zone. This takes out all of the hassles associated with setting up and taking down sale items at certain times. Improve conversions with a SALE badge and automatic countdown timer. For most Shopify themes the app provides a customizable SALE badge that shows clearly what products have been discounted. can be added to all discounted items. This is very good for conversions. Another feature of the app that will also help your Shopify conversion rates is the countdown timer. With a quick copy-and-paste of code snippet, any products included in a discount will feature a countdown timer. This allows you to run your promotions like flash sales and propels the customer into buying before the timer runs out. Like manual Shopify sales, all the discounted products will show the original and discounted prices. This feature really helps your visitors know how good of a deal they're getting. Easy to use interface and dashboard We found the set up of FlashSale360 really simple and think you will too. All you have to do is install the app from Shopify and then add one line of code into your product.liquid. If you have any problems at all then we found their customer service quick and easy. Some of the reviewers have even reported the team installing the code for them after running into issues! The dashboard area gives superb control of your discounts. Here you can view all of your current and future discount promotions. If that isn't enough, FlashSale360 also sends detailed e-mail alerts to store owners whenever discounts begin or end. The FlashSale360 app is set 10 dollars a month which is great value, as other competing apps have "custom" pricing which can be quite expensive when looking at bigger Shopify stores. They also offer a handy 14-day free trial.

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