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Leaving Magento Go? Migrate to Shopify!

Posted By Jason Stokes

Last week, there was a (not-so-shocking) announcement that eBay-owned ecommerce hosts Magento are shutting down their Magento Go service. The platform is due to cease trading accounts on February 1st 2015. This will leave thousands of store owners in a tricky predicament of deciding the future of their online business. We have received many inquiries from anxious Magento Go customers who want to migrate to Shopify. We explain just how simple it is and how we can help you.

Why is Magento Go shutting down?

Magento Go is an ecommerce software that is owned by online shopping giant eBay. The company have made the decision to terminate its Go service after just three years and merge with Bigcommerce. The Go platform was aimed at small to medium sized ecommerce businesses. The Magento platform offers three tiers of services with Magento Go being aimed at the smallest companies out of this hierarchy.

According to the industry experts at Re/Code, Magento Go could not compete with other ecommerce platforms that catered to small-medium sized businesses. The platform struggled to beat Bigcommerce and of course, Shopify. Their failure became apparent in March where they cut dozens of employee's jobs. The company quoted at the time that it was realigning the business to "focus more deeply" on its other two tiers aimed at bigger businesses. At the time they refused to comment on what this meant for the future of Magento Go.

We actually posted a Shopify Vs Magento Go study a month or two ago pitting the two ecommerce services against each other. You can find out why Shopify won here. The new hosts of the Go platform, Bigcommerce, has main offices based in Austin, Texas, and Australia. It is quite a newcomer to the ecommerce world as it was only founded in 2009.

Why migrate to Shopify store?

If you are a small to medium sized business owner then we would thoroughly recommend to migrate to stores on Shopify. Shopify specialize in this type of business and they have 100,000 happy ecommerce clients from all over the world. The beauty of Shopify is that it is so easy to use. If you have managed to master Magento Go then you will find Shopify an absolute breeze.

Other benefits of Shopify migration

  • Easy-to-use order system.
  • Fantastic range of  themes.
  • Superb customer service (Phone, Web Chat, Email and Forum support available)
  • Full online tutorials at their ecommerce university.
  • Different levels of subscription tailored to different businesses.
  • Apps store full of apps developed specifically for Shopify and available for every type of functionality.

These are just a few of the reasons we adore Shopify! If you want to find out EVEN more reasons then we have a whole page dedicated to it here.

How we can help you with migration to Shopify?

We can help you when you migrate to Shopify from Magento Go easily. Imagine all your products and customer orders being transferred seamlessly from your old store with absolutely no hassle on your behalf. Not only will the products be added to your store but they will be organised into easy-to-browse collection pages.

Eastside Co can also give you full Shopify tuition. We can teach you about how to update your storefront, add new products, alter your collection pages and much more. Our motto is that we do not just build websites, we help our clients build a manageable business. If you think that the changeover means it's time for a fresh start (and look!) then perhaps you will want to consider a completely custom design for your store.

Our team of design experts can create stunning, eye catching Shopify stores. Not only do our Shopify creations look beautiful but we are experts at helping you get the functionality you desire. Are you having language or currency issues? We can sort that for you! Your store's Search Engine Optimization may also be affected by the change. Our team of marketing experts can help you store rank higher in Google. This will lead to more visitors and therefore higher conversions.

How can you begin your Shopify migration?

Although Magento Go is not ceasing trading until February next year you have to consider the busy (and profitable) upcoming holiday period. It is best to get your migration started straight away. The only thing you will need to do is to set up a Shopify account. At the moment Shopify are offering all migrating Magento Go customers a discount on their services! So it is definitely the right time to get involved.

If you just want to test it out we can also offer you a 14-day free trial of Shopify here.

That's it! Now just get in touch with our team who will organize the rest for you.

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