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Online Shop Design Inspirations

By Kitty Sadler / Posted

So you've now decided to set up your own store using Shopify, but you are undecided on how your future store should look... Well we have a great formula on how to choose the best design for you based on a range of factors.

First of all, what are you selling?

We thoroughly review similar successful websites in your industry, noting design trends and Shopify themes that are prominent. We're adaptable with the ability to follow inspiration or to go against the grain. Take a look at to understand how a website selling soft toys can be designed without following the crowd and see our portfolio of ecommerce design for even more examples.

How many products do you have?

If you have quite a large number of products we recommend going with Shopify design that allows users to find all your products easily. Ensure the design has a filter system and ensure the width/design of the menu and size is large enough for you to store your main top categories in. Another consideration includes the possibility of a left side menu that appears on category pages to help reveal which product categories you have..

In the case of having a small number of products, a design should be chosen that doesn't make your products seem overwhelming. Imagine a physical large store with 5 products, it would look pretty underwhelming. The same principal can be applied to ecommerce stores whereby less is sometimes better. We recommend using a design that is a medium to small width to reduce the need of filling empty space with menu items and possibly drop any features such as product filtering and in depth category menus including reducing the need of drop down menus. My general rule is: if you have a lot of products focus more on usability. If you have a small number of products focus more on design, a design that will showcase your products.

Do you have good quality images?

A site like Finlay & Co. or Brobo just wouldn't be possible without out high quality images. The images you have will aid us with inspiration with your online shop design. Should you be limited with images we would utilise a Shopify custom design which is more eye catching by use of graphics and functionality. Have a look at our client's website MaxiCharger as an example.

Your logo

Last but not least and possibly the most underrated factor is your logo. We create a Shopify website based not only around your brand's message but also finely integrated with your company logo. Your logo reveals the tone of your business, colour preferences, fonts to be used plus much more. The shape of your logo could be wide, quite tall or maybe thin - this also provides us with a great idea on how the design of your ecommerce website fits around the focal point of your logo. I hope this eCommerce design article has helped.

There is no real science to great design and no one route, it is all about impressing your audience with great design and fantastic usability. If you are still undecided on design or need someone to create your eCommerce store, get in touch us as we'd love to help.