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Shopify Crowned as Number 1 E-commerce Platform

By Emily Hickey-Mason / Posted

Shopify has earned the prestigious title of Number 1 E-commerce Platform. E-commerce platforms are designed to help the online sale of products and services effectively. They include internet marketing, shopping cart features and inventory management tools along with other resources in order to facilitate users in building and maintaining their online store. A report for e-commerce platforms published by Grid used a business software review site called G2 Crowd to rank the top 120 software vendors that had made it on the shortlist to be considered for number 1. All the e-commerce platforms on the short list were given an average of 83% satisfaction in the product by reviewers and an 80% likelihood of recommending the product. In making the decision, Grid took into account the customer satisfaction rate and vendor market presence. It would seem that from this report, we can deduce that the overall success and satisfaction with e-commerce platforms is dependant on the quality of implementation in the early stages of the project, joint with ongoing tutoring and support by the vendor. The ultimate ease of use of the platform, and a straightforward implementation process were also marked by users as one of the most important attributes for ranking. The satisfaction rankings have been taken from the user reviews and the market presence has been generated by calculating vendor size, social impact and market share and the score then categorises the platforms as a Leader, High Performer, Contender or Niche. Pleasingly, Shopify was the only Leader titled. So, unsurprising for us and our passion for Shopify, we are still delighted to be recognised as the Number 1 e-commerce platform.