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4 of the Best Premium Shopify Themes of 2015

Posted By Amrita Aujla

The Shopify Theme Store has a vast array of themes available (55 to be precise) that come in more than 140 styles. With so much option available there is no surprise that you'd get confused when picking the perfect one for your Shopify store.

All of these themes are available to either install for free or buy for a reasonable fee - either way, installing a new theme is instant and you can begin selling using your new theme straight away. Premium themes tend to be a bit more on the pricey end of all the Shopify themes, however they do tend to be the best as they have a lot more customisation options and most importantly, they make your Shopify store look great!

If you are looking to customise your store so that it mirrors your business and its brand then going with a premium theme is your best bet as the free options have very limited customisation options. So without a further or do, in no particular order, here are some of Shopify Builder's favourite premium themes taken from Shopify's Theme Store.


If you are looking for a simple and clean theme that reflects the delicacy of your products then this theme is perfect for you! The grid theme is a great premium theme as it brings a light and airy feel to your store so your visitors would appreciate the unique essence of your products. This theme includes so many great features such as a masonry storefront, SEO optimisation, responsive design and much more! You can even integrate your Mail Chimp and other social media accounts so you can stay in contact with your customers! Perhaps the most advantageous feature of this beautiful theme is the 'Retina Ready' feature which emphasise the beauty of your images so customers are more drawn to your amazing products.


Having big and bold images that use the full-width of a page is the hot new trend at the moment and if you see from our website we at Shopify Builder love it - and this is exactly why we love the Weekend theme! This theme is probably our favourite of all the Shopify premium themes as we believe it holds the best features! Barrel have done a great job designing this theme for Shopify as they focus entirely on imagery rather than content which adds a more unique edge to any store that uses this theme. There is also a brilliant 'add to cart' functionality where customers are shown a pop-up asking what they want to do next, including the option to continue shopping or checkout.


The California premium theme has got to be the most unique out of all the themes as it gives a distinctive feel to your store. This theme opens your store up with a full screen image and a brief description to who you are and what you do. If you sell something that is not like what anyone else sells then this is the perfect theme for you. The retina ready display ensures your store is fully responsive and looks just as great no matter where you are seeing the store from. This simplistic design allows your products to speak for themselves - which is the best feature any theme can give you.


If you are a retail store owner then the Testament premium theme is exactly what your Shopify store is looking for! With a large full-screen image at the top of the page, your business gets to showcase its best image so your customers can make their own interpretation as to who you really are. This theme is very visual which is what customers want when they are shopping - not to read lots of boring content. This responsive fashion theme comes with optional collection layouts showing 3, 4 or 3 + sidebar and collection pages meaning that you can re-position your store the way want - to add your own personal editorial touch! If you want to have a completely unique and bespoke design, please check our Shopify theme development page.

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