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Shopify Updates: What do you need to know in April?

Posted By Jacob Ingram

Welcome to your monthly recap on the changes and updates that Shopify has implemented to help merchants and retailers.

Payment updates

You are now able to accept Google Payments on your Shopify store. This is good news because Google Payments is more than just another payment gateway.

It accelerates the checkout process by accessing payment details and shipping information that is stored by Google on a customer’s device. Now, potential customers can click the Google Payments button in the checkout, and the shipping and payment form fields will automatically populate.

Making it easier and faster for your customers to check out should decrease abandoned carts and increase conversions.

Shoppable Instagram posts

You can now create shoppable Instagram posts if your store is based in the UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Brazil.

On a platform where Instagram marketing can be extremely profitable for merchants, this could have a massive impact - especially for brands that have a focus on lifestyle.

We covered Shoppable Instagram posts in this blog and our own social media specialist Tinashe called the move a ‘Game Changer.’

You can now tag products like you can tag people. Clicking on one of these tags then leads you through to the product page and makes it very easy for someone who is already engaged with your brand to convert.

Discount code updates

Being able to generate more specific discount codes is a brilliant way to personalise your customer’s shopping experience. This seems to be the direction that Shopify is taking with its new discount code update.

Now retailers are able to generate a discount code based on the number of products a visitor has in their cart. This can help raise the threshold on the number of products a customer is likely to buy. Combining this with an upsell and cross sell app like Cart Convert is the ideal recipe to get customers to increase their value per conversion.

Mobile App updates

Before now, you were only able to create orders and send invoices to customers from the Shopify admin area on a desktop. This week Shopify rolled out this feature onto the mobile app.

This is great for entrepreneurial merchants who don’t want to be sitting in front of a computer, fulfilling orders all day. You can do it on the move or whilst you’re spending your Shopify profits on brunch.

More Discount code updates

Shopify has synergised the generation of discount codes across online and physical stores. If you are a merchant that has a bricks-and-mortar store, or frequently has stands at events, markets and festivals, you can create the same discounts in-store that you can online.

This way, you can create discount codes on your ecommerce store to implement as part of a marketing campaign, that customers can then use in a face-to-face transaction. This could drastically increase traffic to your store or stall if you are running a particular promotion.

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