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The Benefits of Using Google Shopping for your Shopify Store

Posted By Amrita Aujla

Google Shopping, otherwise known as Product Listing Ads (PLAs) are a rapidly growing channel and a no-brainer for e-Commerce merchants who are looking to increase their sales.

It is now easier than ever before to find what you need and buy online with increased security and quicker delivery options. Google Shopping acts differently to other larger named e-commerce platforms as it is not actually a shop within itself but it does search the internet for what you want and brings up relevant options. As a consumer you decide on the key factors that you want to look for such as a certain product, the price and the colour etc. Google Shopping will then take all of this information and show you relevant results for you to compare. Therefore as a Shopify store owner you must ensure that you are providing Google Shopping with every detail the product holds in order for it to choose your product. For your Shopify Store to show up in Google Shopping you would need to create a Google Shopping campaign which is a very seamless and easy task that anyone can do.

There are so many benefits of using Google Shopping for your Shopify store and once you realise them you will be running to start your campaign!


Qualified Leads

With Google Shopping you can increase the quality of the leads your store receives with the specific information of your products. If you include a lot of detail into the description of your products Google is more likely to pick your product as long as it matches the exact specification of people's searches.

Increased Site Traffic

By using Google Shopping you will be able to increase your SEO status and the traffic coming into your website and your store. The Product Listing Ads (Google Shopping) will funnel customers directly to your website by using the details of your products.

Higher Click through Rates

Your store will flourish and experience higher click through rates rather than text ads in shopping searches. Rates are better at bringing in customers because people find them more personal and reliable than text ads.

Ability to Refine Bidding Strategies

Since the change from Product Listing Ads (PLA) to Google Shopping, which occurred in August last year, businesses can now do very specific bids, not just from product group/s, but brand, custom label and even down to specific items.

Lower Click Costs

If you use Pay Per Click as one of your marketing strategies then by using Google Shopping you will be able to refine your bidding strategy and trim the fat where needed to direct budgets to your top performers.


Google Shopping allows you to advertise your business's promotions which is great because costumers would be more willing to look at them and most likely there would be a higher chance of them seeing the promotion in the first place and noticing your business.


It is even easier now than ever before to see how well your business is doing in comparison to your competitors through benchmark bids and Click-Through-Rates (CTR).

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