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The Best Features For an eCommerce Store

Posted By Jason Stokes

When thinking about setting up or if you have an eCommerce store, there are many features that are worth thinking about, and many that could benefit your brand in the long run. There are many eCommerce stores that are available online. The trick is to make your eCommerce store stand out, whilst still being aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate. By having the features listed this will benefit your eCommerce store and in theory generate sales.

LOGO Including a logo in your eCommerce store, it allows visitors to establish who you are as a brand. It makes for your store to be memorable.

IMAGES By having high quality images, it means that your store appears professional, and it is reflective of the products that you offer your customers.

FEATURED PRODUCTS By having featured products on the homepage of your eCommerce store it allows for visitors to know what your store has to offer. These featured products on the homepage also mean that those visiting the store can quickly tell whether your store is something that they have an interest in.

SEARCH BAR By including a search bar it means that those visiting your store will be able to know whether your store has what they looking for almost immediately. It also means that those visiting your store with a specific product in mind will be able to access it straight away.

ZOOM Through the option to zoom on the products that your store has to offer it means that customers will be able to establish if the products are what the customer is looking for. By having the option to zoom it also means that customers will be able to see details of the products, similar to a way that they would if they were shopping in reality.

CATEGORIES By having clear categories, such as tabs at the top or the side of the homepage, it means that accessing products on the store will be simple for potential customers. It also means that the store will be neat and tidy and easy to navigate around, meaning that customers are likely to return to the store as they are able to easily find what the are searching for.

NAVIGATION Linking back to categories, the navigation around your store must be easy. By having easy navigation, it means that customers are likely to return to the store because the store was simple and easy to understand.

ACCESS This means that your store should be accessible and easy to navigate on mobiles and tablets. By having a store that is accessible on these devices, it means that your store will be available to a wider range of customers, it will also mean that your customers will be able to access the store with ease.

PAYMENT Having a good payment system on your eCommerce store, it will mean that customers are likely to return to the store. This means that you must choose a payment method and company that you are comfortable with.

ACCOUNTS This links back to payment methods, by having the option for customers to create an account on your store and to have a login method, it means that payment details can be kept on file. This means that it will be simple for returning customers to make their purchases.

SOCIAL MEDIA Links to your company's social media sites means that you will be able to expand your brand further. This can be achieved by including logos and links to your company's social media sites, this will mean that those who are impressed with your store will, in theory follow you on these sites. By including these links it also means that any customers with queries will also have the opportunity to contact your company.

SHARING This links to social media, however this is the customer's social media site. By including a share button, it means that customers will be able to share products that appeal to them and it can reach out further to potential customers. If you are looking for an eCommerce store with any of these features, then Shopify Builder would be happy to help. Contact us on info@eastsideco.com

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