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The Ultimate Shopify Review for 2015

Posted By Jason Stokes

Selecting the correct eCommerce platform is one of the most crucial decisions that you will make for the future of your online business. Before diving in, it is important to take the time to select the right one. Moving a business online can be costly and time consuming. Therefore by doing your research you can get the choice right the first time, saving yourself both time and money. If you have considered using Shopify as an eCommerce host then you may be looking for an in-depth Shopify review of what the platform can offer you. Here is a summary of Shopify features 2015 from the Shopify experts.

Shopify Review 2015: Who is Shopify suitable for...

If you are looking to open an online shop or want to move your physical store online, then Shopify is ideal for you. Absolutely all types of products can be sold on Shopify. Clients have have success with common niches such as fashion, all the way to rarer ones such as IT downloads. Because Shopify is extremely customisable, it allows for many different types of businesses to build a suitable storefront for them.

Shopify Review 2015: Is Shopify difficult to use?

Shopify takes all the hard work out of creating an online store. Before services like Shopify, a business would have to spend thousands on developing a shopping cart and payment gateway on their website. This is now all provided for you, along with a whole host of other tools that are available to help build your online store. In fact, using and setting up a Shopify store is so easy, you do not need any coding knowledge to do it at all. Basic computer skills are all that are required. If you do get stuck, then they provide amazing 24/7 online or phone support too.

Shopify Review 2015: What features and tools does Shopify provide?

The attractive part of Shopify for many is the service gives you all the tools you need to build a website, shopping cart, and completes it with a payment gateway too. With Shopify you can: - List new products, product images, descriptions / details, sizes, colours, prices and stock amounts.

  • Organise your newly listed products into neat collections that are easy to browse.
  • Manage your inventory simply and efficiently.
  • Choose from over 50 different payment gateways that are available in different currencies.
  • Create a discount code to inspire your customers to buy.
  • Creating landing webpages for different parts of your store and increase your SEO efforts.
  • Create a fully functioning blog.
  • Customers can create accounts so they do not have to enter their personal information each time they shop.
  • Opt out for customer marketing meaning you can build a substantial email marketing list.

    There are many more functions of Shopify that you can view here, for anything extra you may need, you need to learn about Shopify apps...

Shopify Apps

Along with all the standard features that are available with Shopify, there are always new applications being developed by third parties. These applications add new functionality to your Shopify store. Some are paid and others are free, however you can test them all for a short period of time. If you feel there is an aspect of Shopify that does not cover your business needs then it may be worth checking to see if there is an application that does instead. Alternatively you could get in touch with a Shopify Expert who may be able to build the custom features directly into your store.

Shopify Review 2015: What about Shopify design?

Design is an absolute necessity when it comes to selling. Having a neat, orderly and good-looking shop is crucial to success as it promotes trust within the brand. Shopify offers both free and premium themes for you to choose from if you want to get going straight away. However many store owners eventually want something tailored to suit them, and will get in touch with an expert (like Shopify Builder!) to help them build the store they desire. A good Shopify expert will design an eCommerce store with a inbuilt system so that you can update elements of the website yourself. Making it simple to change your look in between store redesigns. Get in touch with us here if you'd like a custom Shopify design.

Shopify Review 2015: Shopify Pricing, Is The Price Right?

Shopify is an affordable service where the pricing plans change according to your business needs. Along with the three plans listed above, there is an extra plan of $14 per month called the starter plan if you want a taste of what Shopify offers. We can also provide you with a FREE 14-day trial here. The basic plans give you tonnes of functionality and customer support too. There is no limit on amount of products or bandwidth uses either. As you move up the pricing plans you get more features and tools, and the Shopify commission rate also reduces. The beauty of the Shopify is that they want you to succeed as a business, as they also get benefits of your sales with their commission structure. Not to mention that your store will remain open too! For what they provide (the foundation and stability of your ecommerce store) the monthly fees are a small price to pay. If you are searching for an online shop builder that can actually help you grow your sales and manage a lot of administrative business tasks for you, Shopify is a good candidate to consider. Plus it is easy to manipulate for great SEO. We have recently analysed which Shopify pricing plan you should select dependent on eCommerce revenue.

Shopify Review 2015: Conclusion

We have compared many of the eCommerce platforms out there are Shopify always comes out on top in our opinion. The versatility of Shopify is what makes it so unique: the service is packed full of tools and features, yet is usable for a complete beginner too. Therefore you can begin your eCommerce journey simply and affordably, yet when it is time to take you business to the next level - then there is room there for you to expand with Shopify. Want to know more? Why not see our article Shopify Vs BigCommerce?

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