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Aella’s success is based on a sophisticated understanding of their target audience and niche – tailored activewear for the modern woman – and an innovative product range that speaks to this.

They approached us to create a website that would reflect the brand’s effortless style and create an intuitive, personal and feature-packed purchase experience.


Every section of’s homepage and shop landing page is completely customisable, allowing the Aella team to refresh the site’s look every season. Animations on homepage calls to action and subtle parallax build a sense of brand quality and nod to the products’ high level of finish.

For the brand’s key pieces, users can order an additional size for free and keep whichever fits them best. On the front-end, this offer is seamlessly integrated into both the product and cart pages. The user goes through the checkout with both items but only pays for one.

On the admin side, we’ve built the Aella team an app to manage this try-it-on service. The extra size details can be viewed in Shopify’s order dashboard, through which the team can then manage and record the returns. Once an item is marked as returned, it is restocked.

We’ve also brought Aella’s personalised purchase process to life with a ‘Stylist’ questionnaire: site visitors answer questions about their style and body type and these are fed through to Aella, who respond via email with product recommendations.

Kitty Sadler
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Kitty Sadler

Kitty's a real nerd when it comes to Shopify. When she is not managing projects here at Eastside Co she will be found experimenting with recipes in her kitchen or exploring the food scene here in Birmingham.

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