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Hera London is an online fashion brand specialising in contemporary denim for men. Their goal was to relaunch their website with new functionality, a slicker look, more intuitive customer journeys and a bespoke mobile design.

Their aims were clear from the start:
A clean and direct homepage
Simplified navigation
Catwalk videos embedded in the product pages
A high-impact mobile site with great imagery and mobile-friendly navigation

Hera London website

For the desktop site, we showcased Hera’s four products on the homepage to give users a clear path to purchase. As social media interaction plays a huge part in the Hera London brand we gave all social media accounts a big presence on the homepage, with a live Instagram feed using InstafeedJS.

We streamlined the collection page to give users clear product information, pricing and colour options upfront. Details such as a hover border on each product image add to the impact of clean and simple display. We think that the catwalk videos – increasingly popular in the industry – underline the fashion-forward nature of the Hera London brand.

Given that twice as many Hera London customers shop on mobile than on desktop, we wanted the mobile site to pack just as much punch. We stripped back all non-essential imagery on each page and added a clean, simple and usable slide-in navigation.

The result is a site that makes full use of the power of its imagery to showcase its products and turn visitors into customers.

Kitty Sadler
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Kitty Sadler

Kitty's a real nerd when it comes to Shopify. When she is not managing projects here at Eastside Co she will be found experimenting with recipes in her kitchen or exploring the food scene here in Birmingham.

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