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Danish coat royalty, Rains, were in search of a site refresh that would bring their web presence up to the impeccable aesthetic standards for which their products are known.

Since then, we’ve been working with Rains long-term – making their site sleeker and more powerful each month.


We’re particularly proud of the homepage, which slides exquisitely between stunning photographs and different iterations of their logo. We’ve used SVG images to allow the team at Rains to change the homepage imagery each week and choose a logo colour to go with each image. When the user scrolls to the next image, the logo changes colour. Pretty neat!

We’ve also implemented the functionality for one of the homepage slides to be an auto-play video, and for users to slide left and right as well as up and down. This makes for an incredibly customisable homepage; the Rains team can create a different experience for their users every single week.

And it’s not just about beauty: Rains’ website has brains, too. The site reads the user’s IP address and auto redirects them to either the main Rains site, Rains Japan or Rains Norway. However the user always has the option to override this redirect and browse another site (and their choice is remembered for the next week).

Kitty Sadler
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Kitty Sadler

Kitty's a real nerd when it comes to Shopify. When she is not managing projects here at Eastside Co she will be found experimenting with recipes in her kitchen or exploring the food scene here in Birmingham.

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