Increasing Instagram Followers

Instagram is a social media account that allows you to post photos to interact with your followers. It is one of the fastest growing social networking sites and with this in mind, it can be used as a great tool to establish and promote a brand. If used correctly Instagram could result in viral success and a successful marketing campaign. Below are some suggestions that could result in gaining more followers on Instagram.

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Improving Social Outreach On Your eCommerce Store

Social media is the perfect opportunity to raise awareness of your eCommerce store. If social media is used properly then it is the ideal marketing tool. Social media allows for building and raising awareness of your brand. Through social media, it allows for your brand to be spread through word of mouth, as well as this through social media you are able to keep an eye on what people are saying about your brand. By using social media in the right way it will allow for your eCommerce store to reach to potential customers.

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Increasing Twitter Followers

If you’re a business or a brand, Twitter is a great tool to not only interact with clients, but also help establish your brand. Through Twitter, it could result in sales and more traffic on your website. To increase Twitter followers, you should focus on the site for a certain amount of time, two months is a good start as gaining a mass following won’t just happen overnight. Below are some tips that should increase your Twitter following.

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How To Improve Facebook Reach

There has been trouble brimming on the horizon on Facebook fan pages for a while now. Some of our ecommerce clients have complained of their Facebook not reaching the audience that it used to. They are not alone, social media marketers all over the web have been tearing their hair out over Facebook posts getting no likes, comments or shares in the last couple of months. In short, organic Facebook reach is lower than it has ever been making it difficult for business owners to connect with their customers.  Is this a money making scheme from the social media giants? Are they trying to force ecommerce owners to pay to be seen? Or is it in fact for the greater good?
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10 E-commerce Mistakes New Store Owners Make

Richard Emanuel, Creative Director of Eastside Co. lays out 10 common mistakes store owners make on their new website. Heed his advice!

Can I have more slides on my slideshow?

Believe it or not on one occasion someone asked if they could have 8 slides in their carousel. Why? I have no idea. A slideshow at the top of your website is great for setting the tone of a website but statistics reveal that click-through-rates (CTRs) on slideshows are actually very low and clicks on anything after the second slide are close to non-existent.
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Social Media School: 5 Easy Steps to Get More Ecommerce Twitter Followers

“Why is it important to have Twitter followers? I want to sell my products, not waste time engaging in chit chat!” – WRONG attitude!


This infographic from Edison research really sums up why  getting ecommerce twitter followers is extremely important for the future success of your business:

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Eastside Co’s LIVE Twitter Q&A with our Shopify Experts #ShopifyChat

Are you looking for a little help with some aspects of Shopify from Shopify Experts? You can get free answers and advice by getting involved in Shopify Builder’s live Twitter question and answer session.

We launched our #ShopifyChat last month and due to popular demand, we are hosting another one this Friday (4th July) at 3pm (GMT.)

Shopify Builder are excited to announce that our Twitter Q&A will be a fixed monthly feature from now on and will occur the first Friday of every single month.

So get your brains ticking on what answers you really need to know about Shopify!

If you are a little bit stuck then why not get some inspiration…


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