Ecommerce News in Tweets – 5th June 2015

by Amrita / Posted


Once the Apple watch was launched it took the tech world by storm as it was expected that by June there would be 2.3 million pre-orders which was more than three times than what Android’s overall sales were with their alternative, Android Wear which was only around 720,000.

It is hard to determine how the Apple Watch will affect brands and consumers however this isn’t a surprise as all first launches of Apple products have had the same affect. As with the iPod and iPhone it is clear that the Apple Watch will have some glitches in its first round however by its second iteration it will drastically improve and just become more and more popular.

Apps are now a thing of the past

With the new Apple Watch businesses should really reconsider how they get in touch with their customers. As with the iPhones and iPods brands and marketers all fought over who could create the best app and hold that very rare spot on a customer’s home screen however the new evolution is in notifications through their iPhone, iPad and now Apple Watch.

Focus, challenge and interaction is becoming high on marketers and brands minds with the launch of the new Apple Watch as Apple have made it very clear that they only have 10 seconds to prove themselves to customers; a bit like Snapchat.

The etailers are always one step ahead

Major etailers such as Ebay and Amazon have already created and launched apps for the new Apple Watch store. Also Shopify is amongst these great etailers to have already created an app for the Apple Watch for all of their ecommerce stores that let them know when they receive an order through a notification or buzz of their wrist. Shopify have also made it possible to track the most important data for their ecommerce stores without the need to go to their phone or laptop to check. It is clear how Shopify is revolutionising their app so that it is more of a convenient way for ecommerce store owners to get regular updates in a more efficient way.

It is now time for marketers to start to think outside of the box if they want to stay ahead of the game by focusing purely on targeted notifications that will provide their customers with the relevant information they need, quickly.

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