Ecommerce Roundup: Poundland Launches Trial Ecommerce Site!

by Amrita / Posted


The UK’s biggest bargain superstore Poundland is really showing all those leading supermarkets what they are made of with their newest idea. Poundland is plunging into online retail and shoving their bargain brand in all leading supermarkets faces with the launch of a trial eCommerce site that will be offering 2000 products.

As all supermarkets out there have been booming through the internet with on-line grocery shopping it is about time that Poundland caught up and got a piece of the World Wide Web’s action. Poundland are offering all of their customer’s free delivery on orders over £50 and anything under would hold a £4 standard delivery fee that would take 3-4 days to arrive. This is some great marketing on their hands because an average customer of Poundland would only spend £10-£20, however many people would prefer to buy the extra items so that they do not have to pay delivery charges.

Value retailers such as pound shops have been reluctant to move online because of the high costs involved with setting up and marketing such a website. The chief executive of Poundland has said “The online shopping market is a rapidly growing channel and one which could provide a significant potential opportunity for us. This trial is an important first step towards giving more customers access to our amazing value.”

Poundland are aiming to offer their customers household brands as well as their own brands, just the same as what every other supermarket does. Their on-line range will include brands such as Jane Asher’s Kitchen, Tommy Walsh’s DIY range and the Make Up Gallery cosmetics line.

Although Poundland are not stopping here! To keep the momentum of their success rolling they are set to complete its £55m acquisition of 99p Stores, after the Competition and Markets Authority last week gave provisional clearance for the deal. So for all those supermarkets and 99p stores out there, you better watch your back because Poundland is coming for you!

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