Boost your search engine listings with TurboSEO from Eastside Co. Discounted for a limited time only!

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Here at Eastside Co, not only do we create stunning Shopify stores and powerful digital marketing solutions for businesses around the world, but we also design and build apps to help companies analyse and improve their own performance to maximise conversions.

Rated five stars in the Shopify App Store, TurboSEO is Eastside Co’s essential app to improve the presentation of your search engine listings and boost your click-through rate.

Hundreds of companies have already benefitted from TurboSEO’s help, and as an extra incentive to download it, if you head over to the App Store right now, we’re offering a $10 discount off the normal price of $30.

Simply enter the discount code BOOSTME when purchasing the app, but you need to be quick – this offer is only available until October 11th 2016.


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How will TurboSEO help your business?

TurboSEO adds mark-up to your code which makes it easier for search engines to read the information in your store. The result? More relevant information is extracted which means better search results. Better search results equals more prominence and authority on the listings page, which in turn increases click-throughs to your store. And that’s not all…

One-off payment

There are no ongoing costs for TurboSEO – a great value, one-off fee is all you pay.

Simple install

Just click ‘Get’ to purchase and instantly start taking advantage of improved search engine listings.

Ongoing support

We keep the mark-up updated on your behalf – if additional mark-up becomes available we’ll roll it out to your store in the background, so you never have to pay for JSON-LD mark-up on your store again.

Need help? Drop us an email and one of our team will get in touch to help.

So what are you waiting for? Start enjoying the benefits TurboSEO can bring to your business right now, by visiting the App Store and taking advantage of our discounted rate.

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