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Brand Overview

Hera London is an online fashion brand specialising in contemporary denim. Founded in 2015 by Ash White, Hera London was one of the original pioneers of skinny jeans for guys. Using social media influencers such as Leon Scott, Scott Disick, Alexis Ren and Scotty T to great effect, the brand has expanded its jeans range and introduced new collections for t-shirts, jackets and hoodies.

HERA London Brand Overview

What we did

HERA London Desktop Screenshot
HERA London Desktop Collection
HERA London Desktop Product Page

Our Approach

This site takes minimal design to the next level. The burger menu allows the site to show off sexy black and white hero images whilst hosting all site links within, negating the need for a footer.

The collection pages make full use of a three grid display, only showing prices on hover.

Use of video is becoming more and more popular on product pages and Hera London use this feature to give the user a 360° view of products on their models.

In fact this site is a perfect example of excellent product photography, showing the user crucial details, angles and close-ups using a great zoom feature.

One of our most mentioned stores in terms of inspiration, it’s easy to see why!

HERA London Our Approach
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