Launch Roundup: November & December 2015

Over the last couple of months we’ve been lucky enough to work with more – and more brilliant – clients than ever. Here are just a few of our favourite launches:

Grey Haze

Grey Haze website

Long-term Shopify Builder client Grey Haze challenged us to give their vaping store a redesign that would boost their sales and convert their browsers into loyal customers. The e-cigarette market has exploded since Grey Haze first launched and staying ahead of the game requires attention to detail and constant innovation.

We looked carefully at how users moved through the old site then structured the new site so that each of these journeys was as smooth as possible on any device. Featured products and deals are showcased on the mega-menus and these can be easily updated by the Grey Haze team. We implemented sophisticated product filters that guide users from Grey Haze’s huge product range to exactly what they are looking for. We also added rollover quick-add functionality on the collection pages, which makes for a super-speedy shopping experience!

To convert browsers into customers, we used Beans, a powerful loyalty app through which customers are rewarded for spending, staying loyal until their next birthday, interacting with Grey Haze social media and referring friends.

Next up for Grey Haze: impeccably branded email notifications and delivery paperwork to create a seamless brand experience right the way through the shopping journey.

Read more about Grey Haze’s new website

Garçonne & Chérubin

Garconne & Cherubin website

Garçonne & Chérubin create elegant shoes for the ‘flapper’ or ‘cherub’ in us. As designers themselves, the duo wanted a website as stitch-perfect as their products. We love the results of this collaboration: minimalist design, sharp features and pixel-perfect responsiveness.

Although the site is straightforward in structure and design, it’s bursting with little details that make elevate this simplicity to crisp beauty.

Clean white rollovers on the homepage tiles match product rollovers on the collection pages. What’s more, these, along with the homepage slideshow and lookbook, can be edited by the G&C team in seconds. They can even position each slideshow image in the perfect spot using X and Y coordinates.

Clean design is not just about aesthetics: the site has been crafted to ensure users are never distracted from their journeys. We used custom code to integrate the language switcher, ensuring it matched the other menu items and looked perfectly crisp on all screens.

Similarly, signing up to the G&C newsletter does not open a new, non-branded window; once users submit their email address, the text in the subscription field switches seamlessly to “Thank you”.

Luxe Spa

Luxespa website

We’re really proud to have worked with hot-tub company, Luxe Spa, on a website that has helped their brand new business to fly. Having studied their competition closely, they had a clear brief for the website: clean, fresh and easy to navigate.

We created a website bursting with engaging overlays, playful pictograms and design flourishes such as a transforming sticky header and content that rolls into the page. However, behind these beautiful trimmings lies a simple, elegant and purposeful site that funnels users towards key learning and purchasing outcomes.

Read Luxe Spa’s case study


Vivi Direct website

Vivi-Direct offer linen clothing to women of all ages. Established in 1987, the company wanted a site refresh that maintained the continuity of a brand nearing thirty years old, reflected the timeless quality of their products and was welcoming to their target audience.

We’ve achieved this with clean lines, elegant fonts and an update to the brand’s pastel colour scheme.

The 25 Most Common SEO Questions Store Owners Ask

When we speak to potential and current clients, we tend to receive the same SEO questions over and over. This has indicated to us that it’s about time to conquer these most common queries in one go so we’ve laid out the top 25 SEO questions that clients ask, enjoy!

1. What is Domain Authority and why is it important?

Domain Authority (DA) is an indicator of the strength of a website based on a variety of metrics. The main metrics that increase the DA of a site include: Your social profiles pointing to a site AND the amount of quality links and overall SEO efforts.
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Google Analytics Metrics You Need To Track (and Why)

Google Analytics Metrics You Should Be Tracking (and Why)


Organic Search Traffic

Acquisition ⇒ Keywords ⇒ Organic

Firstly we recommend drilling down to your organic search visitors based on which types of keywords users are searching for. You may notice quite a lot of the (not provided) keyword. Don’t worry, people are not finding your store typing in “(not provided)” it’s just Google have decided to hide any search data from you of users who are logged into their Google account.
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4 Simple Reasons Why Link Building is NOT Dead

Every once a while we have a new client who calls us who with the standard types of questions that come along with an industry that can be unpredictable. One of the questions we hear often is, “Is link building dead?” We personally love this question as the myth is an ever growing one, an old wives tale that’s still quite frankly, new and trending!
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10 E-commerce Mistakes New Store Owners Make

Richard Emanuel, Creative Director of Eastside Co. lays out 10 common mistakes store owners make on their new website. Heed his advice!

Can I have more slides on my slideshow?

Believe it or not on one occasion someone asked if they could have 8 slides in their carousel. Why? I have no idea. A slideshow at the top of your website is great for setting the tone of a website but statistics reveal that click-through-rates (CTRs) on slideshows are actually very low and clicks on anything after the second slide are close to non-existent.
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PSD to Shopify: How to Convert PSD to Shopify

You have lovingly worked on a web-store design that has been created on PhotoShop. The image file encapsulates every aspect of exactly how you want the brand to look to potential customers on the web. However, you have discovered the wonders of Shopify for your business, and are looking to convert your dream design over to this fully functioning eCommerce platform. We can help you convert your design from PSD to Shopify with ease. Continue reading “PSD to Shopify: How to Convert PSD to Shopify”

Our Best Three Shopify Design Themes


Shopify’s theme store offers a wide variety of choice, whether you’d like a mega-menu, video slide-show or easy to use product filtering, you’re sure to have your pick of exceptionally beautiful themes to start with.

We decided to do give you a quick run down of our top three themes, why we like them, the features that make them our favourites and how we have customised them for our customers.
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