Revolutionise Your Filtering System with Our Latest Shopify App

We’re building a new Shopify app that dramatically improves your collection filters and search.

Better filtering

Shopify’s native filtering options are very limited: your customers are restricted to filtering products within a collection by the tags applied to those products.

Moreoever, Shopify doesn’t allow your developers to create a filter which shows one tag OR another. In other words, I cannot browse brown sneakers and black sneakers at the same time. I can look for sneakers that are Nike brand AND black, but not Nike brand and black OR white.

Plus, Shopify’s native filtering system involves going through the effort of tagging all your products with their brand and color – even though this information is already included in your product’s Vendor field and variant options.

Transforming your collection pages

Using our new app, your customers can use advanced filtering functionality to find exactly what they need. Users can check both Nike and Adidas from the brands filters, and Grey and Black from color filter (which can be shown as a user-friendly swatch picker) – making for a highly intuitive and speedy purchase journey.

And you don’t need to repeat yourself in your product’s tags in order to setup efficient filtering. Creating a brand filter is as simple as setting up a new filter based on your products’ Vendor field using our easy-to-use filter manager.

You can create filters that are completely impossible in Shopify’s native system – such as a price range filter, or a size filter that only shows in-stock sizes.

Every site can have an unlimited number of filters that you can configure to perfectly match your customer’s browsing habits. Don’t have the time to mess around getting it setup? The app includes some smart defaults so even if you don’t touch the filter manager, your customers will have a better experience.


Faster browsing

The app provides your customers with a lightning-fast AJAX interface, which allows them to browse and filter without page reloads. Its smart URL system ensures your site always works in the way your customers expect with regards to browser history and sharing URLs with friends.

Our system currently returns results significantly faster than Shopify’s native collections, and this is only going to improve by the time it is ready to launch.

Fewer limits

Create as many filters as your site needs. Create multiple filters for different variant options types – sizes, colors, styles… whatever your customers need to filter by. Filter by tags, vendor, variant options, price, stock, or product type.

Not only that, but the app allows your collections to exceed Shopify’s 40-products-per-page limit with no negative impact on load speed. Your collection pages can show the perfect number of products to fit your design – 40, 15, 120, 17, anything you specify.

Automatically hide out-of-stock products

The app automatically hides out-of-stock products across your site, freeing up space on your collection pages for the products you actually want your customers looking at.

Want to show out-of-stock products? No worries, just click a checkbox to turn them back on.

Want to hide products by some other criteria? Simple – you can specify a list of tags to hide across your entire store. It’s never been easier to create one-off sale items and ‘unlisted products’.


Smarter, more effective search

Our app also augments your search pages with all the advanced filtering and browsing features above. Not only that, but searching is faster, smarter, and more accurate.

Put simply, it provides an all-in-one search solution out-of-the-box that makes dedicated search apps obsolete.

How does it work?

The app keeps an up-to-date copy (called the index) of the products and collections in your store. By leveraging some database, search, and caching technology, along with algorithms and some Eastside Co magic, it can make searching the index incredibly efficient.

Using the index, as well as a powerful infrastructure backed by Amazon, allows the app to do more, faster, than other filtering/search apps, or even Shopify itself.

When will it be available?

For the time being, the app is still in development. We’ve had a prototype running in real-world production for months, powering a well-known Shopify site with over 40,000 products – but we want to improve on this in order to make an app that’s really customizable, while providing incredible value out-of-the-box.

If you’re a Shopify store owner and you’re interested in beta testing the app, or simply want to be notified when it’s launched, you can click here to leave us your email address and a couple of details about your business.

We hope to get the app into the hands of Shopify store owners late-2016.

Who are you?

Eastside Co (previously Shopify Builder) works with Shopify brands across the globe, creating stunning Shopify stores and brilliant custom applications. We just launched a free app on the Shopify App Store, check it out!

If you’re interested in a new Shopify store, bespoke app development, or something else – get in touch at [email protected] or through the form on this page.

Pinterest & Shopify Integration – How Does it Work?

Ingeniously, Shopify and Pinterest have partnered up in order to allow customers to buy Shopify products directly from Pinterest, without having to leave the Pinterest site or app.

Pinterest has over 100 million users worldwide, per month which gives your store an astounding opportunity to reach potential customers. So, how does it work and how do you do it?

How Does it Work?

As a Shopify store owner, you can create Buyable Pins for your products. To do this, you need to add the Pinterest sales channel in your Shopify admin (more on this below). Once this has been done, your Shopify store will then be integrated with Pinterest’s Rich Pins which offers the Pinterest user up-to-date pricing and inventory information on Pins for your products. The customer can then quickly and easily purchase the product from the Buyable Pin!

Checking Out on Pinterest

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 15.53.48For the very first time, customers can use Pinterest as a checkout. It’s amazing really that it’s taken this long but the time is now here and customers can use a credit card or Apply Pay without having to leave the Pinterest app.

How to Measure Engagement & Sales

Tracking and measuring the amount of Pins, repins and orders via pinerest is as simple as looking at your Pinterest Channel Dashboard in your Shopify Admin.

What are the Benefits of the Pinterest and Shopify Integration?

There are a number of benefits to integrating your Shopify store with Pinterest. As with any sort of business growth, this integration allows your images not only to be found on a different forum, but also purchased from. How could this possibly be bad? More specifically, this integration is fantastic for:

Growing your Brand

Pinterest creates an atmosphere and feel which allows you to sell a lifestyle rather than just a product. By using Pinterest, you can create stories around your product pins with your specific customer persona in mind.

Expand your Audience

This is a fantastic time to collect new customers. Make sure all of your Pinterest written content is highly descriptive with lots of tags and keywords so that you are able to reach a wider audience through search.

Increase your Network

Pinterest is another platform to network on.  Tap into influencer marketing by asking Pinfluencers and bloggers to create guest Boards for you.

Improving your Click-through-rate

Using Rich Pins is a great way to help build your business. Looking at stats, on average, after enabling Rich Pins, Shopify stores receive a 70% increase in traffic from Pinterest.

Better Discoverability

The more you have out there in the big wide web, the better your discoverability will be. Your products’ Rich Pins will become eligible for Pinterest’s curated categories which is only possible in some feeds such as the ‘Gifts’ feed, if you have Rich Pins.

Pricing Notifications

A fantastic feature of this integration is that if you choose to change a price of your product, be it for a sale or offer, customers who have repinned your products will get an email from Pinterest telling them about the price change and encouraging them to buy it.

How do I Integrate?

It really is simple enough. First, you need to create a business Pinterest account. If you already have a personal Pinterest account, head to this link to convert it to a business account:

If you’re a first timer and need to create a brand new business account, go to: to join. At this point, ensure that you enter the Primary Domain of your Shopify store. Adding a Pinterest button to your product pages is important for generating sales so make sure that you either install an app via the Shopify App store or add the button yourself.

We see this as a must have for any Shopify store owner so head out and integrate now.