Beeketing and BoostFlow Apps Removed from Shopify Store

Beeketing and BoostFlow Apps Removed from Shopify Store

As of August 2019, Shopify has pulled all of Beeketing's apps from the app store. Find out why, and learn about some alternatives.

Written by Matt

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Yesterday Shopify made a surprise announcement that in the next 2 weeks they'll be removing ALL apps by Beeketing and their secondary company, BoostFlow, from the App Store. In a statement, Shopify said that:

We’re committed to keeping the Shopify App Store a secure and trustworthy platform where merchants can be confident in the apps they install and use. After several months of working with Beeketing and their secondary company, BoostFlow, to resolve multiple violations of our Partner Program Agreement, including inadequate support for merchants and abuse of our marketing tools, we’re removing their apps from Shopify. Effective August 27, 2019 Beeketing and BoostFlow apps will no longer be available on Shopify, and their app functionality will be disconnected.

The removal of the suite of 13 apps will have an impact on upwards of 70,000 merchants around the world who used them on their Shopify stores for a variety of additional functionality which will no longer be available.

If you're a merchant currently using one of the Beeketing or BoostFlow apps, you can either uninstall them now, or they will be discontinued on August 27th and their functionality will disappear. Our advice is to source alternative apps in the meantime which can replace the functionality of the deleted applications.

Alternative App for Cross-Sell and Upsell Functionality

For those store owners who currently use the soon to be discontinued 'Boost Sales - Upsell - Cross-Sell' app by Beeketing, Eastside Co has a 4.5 star-rated app available in the store called Cart Convert - it's simple to install and will help you increase sales. Here are 5 ways it can help you earn more money:

No. 1. Cross-sell and upsell to customers with items in their cart, by displaying products relevant to their purchase. For example, a customer buys a wool jumper, so you might upsell to a more expensive item by recommending a cashmere jumper, or cross sell them a matching scarf.

No. 2. Paying for shipping can be a turn off for customers. But if you offer free shipping based on a minimum spend, Cart Convert can present recommended products that will help them meet the free delivery requirements.

No. 3. Cart Convert gives you the flexibility to create as many offers as you like - great if you have an extensive or complex product range, or want a variety of spend threshold offers to present to customers.

No. 4. You can present your Cart Convert offers on product pages, so you’re showing related upsell or cross sell products at the point of selection, or you can put the Cart Convert offer on the cart page, so customers can see their cart total and then choose to add another product or upgrade to a better version.

No. 5. You get useful performance analytics to give you a clear overview of the additional revenue the app is generating. You can see how many product recommendations the app has presented to customers, your earnings from Cart Convert, and the conversion rate of those offers. You also get a summary of the number of products added to cart from Cart Convert recommendations, as well as the potential earnings of those products.

If you have a Shopify store and would benefit from the ability to upsell or cross sell products for higher average order value, why not check out Cart Convert in the Shopify app store? We'll even throw in a 14 day free trial.

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