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We’ve specialised in Shopify backend development since 2012, and have a team of experienced developers who create bespoke functionality and apps for the world’s best ecommerce brands.

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Public Shopify Apps And Custom Shopify Apps

What is the difference between a public Shopify app and a custom Shopify app?

A public app is one that’s listed in the Shopify App Store and can be installed by any business with a store on the Shopify platform. A custom app is not listed in the app store and is only installed on a single merchant’s store - the merchant that has created or commissioned the creation of the custom app.

1. Public Shopify Apps

Public apps provide additional functionality to extend Shopify’s native features, and are available to install on any Shopify site from the App Store. When developed, the apps are submitted to Shopify for verification before being made publicly available. These apps can be free, they can demand a one-off payment, or they can incur a monthly or annual cost. Sometimes an app will have a free plan, and often tiered or premium versions in which merchants pay for additional features and benefits.

One thing to consider with public apps is that because they are designed for mass use, they are never completely tailored to an individual store or one business’ highly specific need.

2. Custom Shopify Apps

Custom apps are a way to add features, functions, or improve usability on a store in a way that no publicly available apps are able to. Custom apps are built specifically for an individual merchant and can perform many functions, such as adding extra features to your admin panel or accessing your store data directly using Shopify’s APIs.

It can be hugely beneficial to go down the route of bespoke development for custom apps if the use is clearly defined.

Why choose custom Shopify apps?

Custom apps are tailored to solve an issue or enhance functionality specifically on your site as opposed to public Shopify apps, which are built to work on many stores with a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

You own the app so have complete control to make changes or add features as you require.

Custom apps can be used to add features to your Shopify admin, access your store’s data directly via Shopify’s subscription API, or extend your online store to other platforms using the Storefront API.

We're Expert Shopify App Developers

If you need a new Shopify store, require specific functionality via an app, or would benefit from custom integrations with your store, our Shopify developers are here to help. Shopify provides a robust and feature-rich ecommerce platform that suits most enterprises. But when you need something specific that's unique to your business, we can build it. 

Eastside Co is at the forefront of Shopify app development. If there’s something you need your website to do outside the parameters of the standard Shopify platform, then talk to us about your needs for bespoke functionality. We also build public apps that can be listed in the Shopify App Store and installed by merchants around the world.

We’re also experts in payment gateway integrations and developed the public Shopify app for TrueLayer, allowing UK and EU merchants to add open banking payments to their checkout. As a result, they can quickly benefit from a faster, more secure payment option at a fraction of the cost of cards or PayPal.

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Our Custom App and Integration Development Services

Our App Development Team

We’ve organically grown our app development team over the past decade and they all have a wealth of experience, skills and knowledge. You can rely on them to deliver your project to the highest standards, on time and on budget.

Whatever unique functionality your store requires, our custom app developers have got it covered. We’ll elevate your store, whilst incorporating your brand’s vision and personality.

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Shopify App Maintenance and Hosting

Our expertise on the Shopify platform means our commitment to the long-term success of our clients goes beyond developing or implementing apps. Shopify provides the platform for growth, and our custom app developers make sure you have the best ecommerce presence, including the best tech stack, integrations and custom functionality. Whether it’s for ongoing updates or specific maintenance agreements for app projects, we can partner with you.

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Shopify App Development

Our app developers use PHP and the Laravel framework, as well as React for custom app development. We can work with you to develop custom apps to achieve bespoke functionality in your store, creating a truly unique ecommerce experience for your customers. We can also build public Shopify apps to be made available in the app store.

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Testing and QA

As part of our Shopify development process, we have a solid QA and testing process delivered by our inhouse engineering team who identify any bugs, defects or areas for improvement. Ecommerce testing covers every component of the site’s functionality and integrations. Our QA team helps prevent errors, adds value to the end product, and helps guarantee that your integrations and apps will run flawlessly on a variety of desktop and mobile devices.

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Case Study: Pristine Classical

This is one of our favourite custom apps we’ve developed outside of Shopify. The requirement for Pristine Classical was to create an online streaming service specifically for remastered classical music. Immaculate sound quality was of the highest importance. 

Pristine asked Eastside Co to develop an app which allowed for the perfect digital listening experience. We used cutting edge web audio technology and content streaming architecture to do just that, creating one of the first apps to support FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec), a high quality audio format.

Pristine now has over 12,000 perfectly remastered classical pieces, available to stream in the best audio quality via the app.

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Mac screen displaying Shopify app by Eastside Co

Case Study: Clicksit

Clicksit provides an out-of-the-box, cross-carrier, ecommerce returns solution for retailers of all sizes.

Recognising the potential to reach millions of online stores through the Shopify ecosystem, Clicksit approached Eastside Co to create a public app that Shopify merchants can install directly into their own store. The aim was to capture the existing functionality and superb service, but to make it available through an easy-to-install, intuitive public app in the Shopify store.

The end result? A five-star rated app, enabling millions of online store owners to improve their returns experience, giving their customers the confidence to buy, and keep coming back.

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Mac screen showing Clicksit Shopify app by Eastside Co

Shopify Public App Development and Custom Functionality Case Studies

We specialise in app development, having designed and launched public Shopify plugins available in the Shopify app store, and custom Shopify apps for specific merchants. Take a look at some of the brands who have chosen our full-stack team to develop unique Shopify apps, integrations and functionality to help them stand out from the crowd.

Public Klarna App for Shopify

Our app allows Shopify merchants to clearly signpost Klarna payment services on their store, to make it easy for customers to buy products using buy now pay later.
 View Shopify App Case Study 

what3words - Public Shopify App

what3words asked Eastside Co to develop a public Shopify app that store owners could easily install, to enable w3w functionality right on the checkout.
 View Public App Case Study 

Lust Home Custom App Functionality

Award-winning Shopify store with bespoke functionality to calculate how many rolls of wallpaper are required for various wall sizes.
 View Shopify Custom App Case Study 

Hearts of London Custom App - Diamond Ring Builder

We developed a ‘create your own ring’ functionality integrated with a live feed of thousands of diamonds from hundreds of suppliers. This synced with the website to pull through every available size, colour, clarity, carat and cut of diamond based on selection criteria.
 View Shopify Integration Case Study 

What Our Shopify App Clients Are Saying About Our Work

I really like Klarna On-Site Messaging, especially on the product page. It converts our customers over to the checkout very naturally. And, because it doesn’t cost anything to buy with Klarna, it’s a very nice offering. We’re really trying to help our customers make their purchases.

Nick Bradley, Founder, Pangea Swimwear

Powerful Shopify App and Tech Integrations

We collaborate with a select group of ecommerce partner companies - operating in the Shopify ecosystem, they help augment our Shopify development expertise with their own specialisms. They’re carefully chosen for their powerful tools, apps, and tech that help Shopify store owners acquire and keep customers, drive sales, and manage their day to day. 

From inventory management and retail accounting, to loyalty programmes and subscription billing integrations, our partners provide solutions to help online businesses scale. Our close relationships with our partners and their solutions means we’re experienced in integrating their tech with Shopify stores.

Shopify App Development FAQs

Some further information about our Shopify app development services.

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