Shopify App Development

Shopify provides a robust and feature-rich ecommerce platform that suits most enterprises. But when you need something specific that's unique to your business, we can build it.

Custom Shopify apps

While there is a thriving ecosystem of downloadable apps in the Shopify app store, sometimes a site has a specific need that only custom functionality or private apps can solve. This is where we can help.

There's an app for that*

*and if there isn’t, we’ll build one.

Eastside Co is at the forefront of Shopify public app and private app development. If there’s something you need your website to do outside the parameters of the standard Shopify platform, then talk to us about your needs for bespoke functionality.

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We build more than just Shopify apps

Our dedicated apps development team can build custom apps for Shopify - or any platform, for that matter. We can build a solution for your website, no matter which system you use.

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Got an idea for an app?

Our development team can also build apps for you to list and sell in the Shopify store under your name. If your business provides a service that you want to offer to Shopify users, we can help you create an app to integrate your solution into merchants’ stores. If you want to convert an online service into a Shopify integration, but don’t have the resource to build your own public app, we can build it to your specification, under your name.

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Case Study: Pristine Classical

This is one of our favourite custom apps we’ve developed outside of Shopify. The requirement for Pristine Classical was to create an online streaming service specifically for remastered classical music. Immaculate sound quality was of the highest importance. 

Pristine asked Eastside Co to develop an app which allowed for the perfect digital listening experience. We used cutting edge web audio technology and content streaming architecture to do just that, creating one of the first apps to support FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec), a high quality audio format.

Pristine now has over 12,000 perfectly remastered classical pieces, available to stream in the best audio quality via the app.

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Case Study: Clicksit

Clicksit provides an out-of-the-box, cross-carrier, ecommerce returns solution for retailers of all sizes.

Recognising the potential to reach millions of online stores through the Shopify ecosystem, Clicksit approached Eastside Co to create a public app that Shopify merchants can install directly into their own store. The aim was to capture the existing functionality and superb service, but to make it available through an easy-to-install, intuitive public app in the Shopify store.

The end result? A five-star rated app, enabling millions of online store owners to improve their returns experience, giving their customers the confidence to buy, and keep coming back.

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