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Marketing tactics come and go, but email is here to stay - it remains one of the highest performing tactics, with an excellent ROI. If you are not leveraging email marketing to engage, nurture and sell to your audience, you should be.

Email Marketing Benefits: What is Email Marketing and How Does It Work?

Email messages can be tailored so they are personalised and targeted for higher engagement. By tapping into customer browsing and buying behaviour, automated emails can be tailored to send relevant messages to the right people, at the right time - whether trying to persuade them to buy, or staying in touch post-purchase.

Email marketing has consistently proved itself to be an efficient and low cost way to generate sales.

The messages can be designed to encourage a call to action, enabling you to actively persuade your readers to take the next step - whether that’s browsing your products, making a purchase, reading a blog or using a discount code.

It’s an extremely measurable marketing tactic, so you can monitor and review the performance of your email campaigns and automations, taking steps to improve them quickly.

It’s easily scaleable, so can work as well for 100,000 subscribers as it will for 1,000 subscribers, with little extra resource required.

Why Eastside Co is The Trusted Email Marketing Agency

Set up in 2012, Eastside Co is the expert in ecommerce. As a full service Shopify agency, we go beyond the build - not only bringing online businesses to life with beautiful websites, but helping them communicate with and grow their audiences using fully integrated marketing strategies, including Shopify email marketing. Whether it’s a one-off campaign, regular newsletters, flows around subscription products or full automation, we understand how to get the best out of email.

Our team includes dedicated email marketing experts who use the latest technology platforms combined with email marketing best practice to drive engagement and sales from email activity for our clients: from segmenting databases and creating eye-catching email designs, to writing killer subject lines and on-brand copy, Eastside Co is the trusted email marketing agency for D2C and B2B brands.

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We're Klaviyo Master Partners

Our email marketing experts work primarily with Klaviyo, a platform which allows us to deliver precision email marketing for our clients with captivating design, delivery at the right time to make an impact, generating revenue, increasing subscribers and engagement with every send. Eastside Co is a Klaviyo Master Partner, which means we actively manage Klaviyo accounts and have a great relationship with the team there.

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Email Marketing Case Studies

We manage email marketing for a range of clients in different industries, and have seen exceptional results. Here are a few examples to demonstrate how we could grow your business using the power of email marketing for Shopify:

Client A - Full Strategy Implementation

We designed, wrote and launched a fully automated email strategy for this client. The strategy included a series of welcome emails, abandoned cart emails, plus a post-purchase and win-back flow. 

On average the sales generated by these emails represent between 6% and 9% of the client’s monthly revenue. Over a 3 month period, the total revenue generated by the automated emails amounted to £51,468.

Increase revenue
Business plan for email strategy implementation

Client B - Rescuing Lost Revenue

We identified that this client had a higher than average number of people adding products to cart but not completing a purchase. To encourage these people to come back and buy, we implemented an abandoned cart flow, using a series of emails to follow up with that segment of visitors, using tactics to persuade them to click the ‘buy’ button.

Within two months, these emails led directly to £43,062 of sales: revenue that was otherwise lost.

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Client C - Welcoming More Sales

This client originally had a single welcome email sent to website visitors who subscribed to their newsletter. Over a period of five months, this email generated £2,014.78.

We identified that a more in-depth welcome series would prove more effective, so enhanced their welcome strategy to include a further two emails. In just two months of the improved welcome flow being live, the series resulted in £2,702 of revenue.

We also created an abandoned cart series, which generated £1,819 in its first two months.

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Client D - Generating Revenue

Client D had no existing email marketing activity. We implemented an abandoned cart series, automatically following up with people who had added to cart - this led to £1,085 of recaptured sales in just one month.

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Shopify Email Automation: Our Process

Automation is an effective and cost-effective way to enhance your email marketing strategy. It means you can automatically contact people when they meet a certain trigger, delivering highly personalised, relevant and timely messages. Our email specialists take the time to understand your business, and create automated emails to get results. Here are some examples of email automations that we can implement to engage your audience and drive sales.

Welcome Emails

The welcome series is arguably the most important workflow to implement into your email automations. With people having only recently subscribed, they’re more open to receiving information from you.

This is your opportunity to introduce people to your brand, create a rapport with your customers and offer value before trying to sell them any products. It is important to take advantage of this period with a specific workflow designed to set expectations; then you can start to encourage your new subscribers to make their first purchase!

Increase Engagement
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Abandoned Cart Emails

Many people are surprised to learn that nearly 70% of shoppers abandon their carts when shopping online.

An abandoned cart series helps remind the customer that they have left something behind. As they’ve exited the buying process at the final stage, we know they had shown some intent to purchase the item. While Shopify enables you to send one email at this point, we use our email marketing platforms to extend this functionality to send multiple abandoned carts at different time intervals. The aim is to encourage them to complete their purchase, easily capturing revenue that would have otherwise been lost.

Capture more revenue
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Database Segmentation

Segmenting your subscriber list divides contacts into distinct groups of people who have common traits (such as demographic, geolocation, past purchases etc). This can aid in sending targeted and personalised messages to increase email conversion rates.

Target your customers
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Branding and Design

Our in-house design team will work with you to ensure the visual design of the emails is consistent with that of your website and branding. We will use your company’s tone of voice to compose concise messages with clear calls to action that recipients will engage and interact with, to deliver results.

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A/B Testing

In order to improve the results of your email campaigns we can implement split testing. This allows us to learn what works best for your audience and fine tune your email marketing strategy: from subject lines and CTAs to the layout and the time we send the emails. We assess results on an ongoing basis in order to continually iterate and improve them.

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The customer's journey isn’t over when they buy from you. Post-purchase emails are your chance to turn a one-time customer into a brand advocate who comes back to you time after time. Sending post-purchase emails is essential for growing your brand - find out why.

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Whether you’re looking to improve your existing email marketing strategy or need to create a new one, our email marketing services will drive results for your business. Contact us today to discuss your next steps.

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