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We can grow your wholesale ecommerce business by designing and developing superb B2B experiences for you and your wholesale customers on Shopify Plus.

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B2B on Shopify Plus - How Does It Work?

Shopify Plus offers an all-in-one platform for selling wholesale together with the rest of your business, from one intuitive admin area.

B2B on Shopify Plus has built-in features for everything wholesale. Instead of a third-party app or sales channel, B2B on Shopify lets you choose between either one online store for both DTC and wholesale (with a B2B checkout and authentication) - or a dedicated B2B store to keep your operations separate.

Whichever option you choose, your buyers will have customer-specific pricing, payment terms, tax exemptions, and more. It’s easy for you, your employees, and your customers.

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Why Partner With Eastside Co for Your Shopify Plus Wholesale Store?

Shopify B2B Experts

Our team of experienced Shopify developers and designers understand the unique challenges and opportunities in the B2B ecommerce space. We can empower your business with robust Shopify solutions designed exclusively for B2B needs.

With over a decade of experience on the Shopify platform, we’re perfectly placed to help businesses either moving to the B2B space or looking to replatform. From migrating ecommerce businesses to Shopify and Plus, to designing and developing stores, managing third party integrations and creating bespoke solutions - we’ve done it all. 

As a Shopify Plus partner agency, we’re trusted by Shopify itself and have worked with the Shopify B2B solution since it launched. Building a B2B store draws upon the same skills and development knowledge as with a D2C store. This enables us to create B2B stores with confidence, thanks to our experience of building over 500 Shopify and Shopify Plus stores in the last ten years.

Our purpose is to help ecommerce businesses grow and thrive across D2C and B2B, and we have the skills, experience, tools and technology to help you achieve your goals.

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Our Shopify B2B Services

The Shopify B2B system is feature-rich, flexible and works well for merchants and customers. However, if you’re a merchant looking to move into the wholesale marketplace, we’d recommend working with an experienced Shopify agency to transfer data, to design and develop your store, and ensure you can create a bespoke experience for your B2B customers.

Custom B2B Shopify Store Development

We specialise in creating fully customised, user-friendly, and responsive Shopify stores tailored to the unique requirements of B2B businesses. Our expert developers will work closely with your team to build a digital storefront that showcases your brand and enhances the customer experience.

We can tailor your B2B ecommerce experience according to your business needs.

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Dedicated or Blended Stores

Dedicated B2B Store

This is a good option for businesses that want to differentiate between B2B and D2C customers. We can build you a bespoke store with more customised options that are tailored specifically for B2B and wholesale customers.

This works well if you want to keep D2C and B2B separate, for example if you want different shipping rates or better segmentation of business and inventory data between the two stores. The separation of the two stores does require a larger project and separate management of the two.

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Blended D2C/B2B Store

We design and develop an extension of your existing D2C Shopify store so you can expand into B2B. D2C customers shop as normal and your wholesale customers access the store via their account so they can see wholesale price lists and payment terms.

This option is good if you want to keep all your business data under one roof and manage both stores together. Both B2B and D2C customers will have the same ecommerce experience. Drawbacks include a lack of diversity between the two stores due to shared function (same shopping settings and rates, same emails and notifications).

Shopify B2B Ecommerce Development

Integration Services

Simplify your operations by integrating your Shopify store with leading B2B software solutions, including ERP systems, CRM, and inventory management tools. We ensure that your data flows seamlessly, enabling better decision-making and increased efficiency.

Wholesale and Pricing Strategies

Strategically price your products, offer tiered discounts, and streamline your wholesale operations on Shopify. We'll help you implement pricing structures and user access controls that cater to your B2B customers while ensuring profitability.

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An Optimised B2B Experience

Payment and Checkout Optimisation

Maximise conversion rates and provide your B2B customers with a hassle-free shopping experience. Our team will optimise the payment and checkout process, enabling easy order placement, invoicing, and account management.

Custom App Development For Unique Functionality

If your B2B ecommerce requirements demand custom functionality or features, our development team can create bespoke Shopify apps to meet your specific needs.

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Ongoing Support

Ongoing Support: Your Trusted Partner

We work with our clients on a long-term basis, providing ongoing site support to ensure your B2B Shopify store continues to evolve and remains at the cutting edge.

A Client-Centric Approach

We believe in working closely with our clients to develop solutions that align with their goals and objectives, and deliver results.

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Other Benefits of B2B on Shopify

Shopify B2B has everything you need to run your wholesale business on Shopify. Shopify’s B2B functionality was overhauled in 2022, with wholesale features integrated directly into Shopify Plus. This means that with our support, retailers can manage both B2B and DTC in one place, with access to the robust features that set Shopify Plus apart from other ecommerce solutions.

🗸 Company profiles to enable a custom buying experience

🗸 Price lists provide percentage-based, or fixed discounts

🗸 Customised and automated B2B checkout experience 

🗸 Self-serve customer portal

🗸 Quick order lists

🗸 Minimum order quantities

🗸 Flexible payment terms

🗸 Volume pricing

Get Started With B2B Excellence

Ready to elevate your B2B ecommerce game? Contact Eastside Co today for a free consultation. We'll discuss your specific needs and develop a tailored strategy to take your B2B brand to the next level.

Work With Us On Your Wholesale Store

Shopify B2B Wholesale FAQs

Some further information about our Shopify B2B services.

We make wholesale better

B2B Functionality for Online Stores

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