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Ecommerce is no longer just about your Shopify website. It crosses platforms, borders and specialisms. Brands are looking for rapid growth while maintaining superlative customer experience, but in order to achieve this sustainably, it requires expertise across your entire Shopify store and the whole ecommerce ecosystem.

Planning for Success on Shopify

In an age where all Shopify businesses are competing with Amazon, online merchants need to become more sophisticated in every aspect of business and invest in strategy and planning for the short, medium and long term. With pools of data and information sitting across myriad platforms, companies and practices, this is more difficult than ever to achieve with a lean in-house team. That’s where we come in.

The Discovery

We have developed a process that allows us to objectively audit every aspect of your Shopify business and deliver actionable insights designed to help you create growth across your entire business. Whether your aim is to internationalise, make the most of your existing user base or acquire new customers, our immersive Shopify ecommerce discovery process allows you to understand where you are currently successful - and also reveal areas of opportunity.

This process covers three key pillars of any ecommerce business: Technology, Marketing, and Experience. 

Ecommerce audit

Technology Audit

Your tech stack has a direct relationship with every aspect of your Shopify business. Not only can it help you to streamline internal processes and save money, it can also make or break your customer’s experience with the brand. Everything from the apps you are using, the Shopify platform and other third party tech can have a huge impact on your business as a whole. We will review your full technical setup and make key recommendations for improvements based on internal business processes and your overarching business goals.

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Tech audit

Marketing Audit

Ecommerce marketing is the lifeblood of your Shopify business and often provides you with some of the quickest wins in terms of revenue generation. Our team of marketing specialists will review each of your digital marketing tactics and find any areas for immediate improvement, as well as offering suggestions on mid/long-term optimisations so the audit continues to offer value long after its delivery. 

At a minimum, our marketing audit provides in-depth, on-site data analysis, reviews of all paid media, a full SEO audit, email marketing and automation review and strategic oversight to ensure all of your tactics are working seamlessly together for your Shopify business, in line with our SCALE strategy framework.

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Marketing audit

Experience Audit

With a core focus on UX, our creative team will take all of the data collected from your marketing audit and review your Shopify site page by page to find any pain points your customers might be experiencing. Through a mixture of best practice recommendations and data-led decisions, we can help you to improve the overall experience your customers have on-site as well as making the most of your current customer base, by looking to improve KPIs such as conversion rate and average order value. 

In line with a full UX review, our creative and branding specialists will also review on and off-site messaging. This ensures you are making the most of the content you currently have on your Shopify store, as well as providing recommendations on how you can scale your brand and content efforts.

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Immersed In Shopify Commerce

The output of this audit is two-fold. An in-depth document detailing all of our findings and recommendations, as well as a presentation of the key findings and immediate required actions. By immersing ourselves in your Shopify business through a series of workshops, office visits and data interrogation, we not only understand the tangible elements of your online enterprise, but also the intangible and equally important emotional aspects of who you are and what you do. These audits have uncovered opportunities worth 7 figures, and helped to build a business case for internal teams to expand investment in key business areas.


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