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Cut through the noise and achieve your long-term goals with a marketing strategy from our team of marketing experts that will drive traffic to your Shopify store and helps you convert more sales.

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Everything we do starts with one simple question: "What do you want to achieve?"

Before we consider creating ads or campaigns, we work with our clients to get to the core of what they do, the very essence of their business, and use that information within an in-depth audit to build an overarching strategy that not only drives results, but represents the brand precisely in every format, on every platform and every channel.

It doesn't matter if you're a brand new startup or an established Fortune 500 company. Our transformative approach to ecommerce marketing strategy weaves together the tangible and intangible into a results-driven framework that can help scale your efforts while maintaining a strong ROI.

Check out our Ecommerce Exchange podcasts to hear from some of the team, as they discuss all things ecommerce and marketing.

SEO for Shopify

Search engines are more than a list of results. They are a direct link between a customer and a brand. You need to do more than rank page one, position one to succeed (although that does help). You need to understand what problem the user is trying to solve and offer the right solution while being engaging enough to stand out in an ocean of blue links.

Search Engine Optimisation and Search Engine Marketing give you the opportunity to offer unparalleled value to your customers by presenting them with the best product, brand and service, right at the top of their search results. We also manage platform migrations to Shopify to ensure ecommerce sites maintain ranking and SEO performance.

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Pay Per Click (PPC)

Building a brand, creating awareness and being showered in accolades for beautiful creative are all great, but running a successful ecommerce business ultimately comes down to the numbers. Are you driving sales and maintaining profitability?

Our paid media methodology not only supports your long-term organic tactics, it can transform your revenue forecasts and revolutionise your customer base.

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Social Media for Shopify

Using an eclectic mix of content curators, influencers, creators, and community managers we take your organic social media presence to the next level while still remaining ...well… social. It’s easy to forget that social media marketing is all about human to human interactions, creating connections and building brand loyalty that simply isn’t possible with other platforms.

Yes it’s GIFs, polls and 60 second videos, but it is also about creating moments of complete delight and giving more to your customers than you will ever ask for in return. The age of the social media brand is in full swing and our marketing and creative content teams can help ensure yours takes centre stage.

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Paid Social Media for Shopify

Ecommerce brands have a huge opportunity to grow their businesses by leveraging paid social media and influencer marketing to their full potential. Gone are the days of using the channel to simply boost brand awareness or drive engagement of a new Facebook post. The Eastside Co approach to social media marketing places revenue as the defining metric for success across paid advertising, and devises strategies that focus on acquiring, nurturing and retaining customers.

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Email Marketing for Shopify

Email marketing has survived the ebbs and flows of digital marketing and still revealed itself to be one of the most powerful tactics at a brand’s disposal. Combined with the power of automation and personalisation, you no longer have to shout at the top of your voice at everyone you know. Email is more like having a conversation with a close friend.

It’s an oldie but a goldie and with the right strategy, email gives you the opportunity to build a long lasting relationship with the people that matter most... your customers. 

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Content Marketing for Shopify

Content is the lifeblood of everything a brand does. If all of the other tactics were a fire, content would most certainly be the fuel. The major obstacle is the ability to produce quality content at scale, but we have it covered. Through documentation, creation and curation, our content teams work across written, audio and visual formats to ensure that no matter how, where or why your customer finds you, you’ll have content to serve them and plenty more on the way.

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Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is a process through which improvements are identified and incrementally made to your website to improve the user experience and sales figures. We have a dedicated team of strategists who can do this for your ecommerce store.

Using a qualitative and quantitative approach, our growth optimisation experts use tools, tactics and techniques to make recommendations and implement change to improve sales on your Shopify store.

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