Retained Shopify Growth Packages

We don't just create ecommerce stores - as Shopify experts we also provide priority access to retained design and development support to make continued improvements to your Shopify store, for strategic business growth.

Why Choose A Shopify Support and Growth Package?

Our Shopify store retainers guarantee the ecommerce help your business needs, when you need it. We ensure design and development resources are always available so work can be delivered quickly and efficiently in order to improve your ecommerce performance. 

Creating new landing pages, adding new features, fixing issues, improving the customer experience and integrating third party solutions are just some essential elements when it comes to making sure your Shopify store remains ahead of the competition. 

As well as all of this, our Shopify support service provides strategic business support and insights which inform our recommendations for optimisation and growth. Drawing on years of experience, knowledge of the platform and in-depth data analysis, our experts will create a roadmap of activity designed to optimise your site performance and increase conversions.

Our maintenance and support plans mean that you’ll have designers, developers and ecommerce experts available on an ongoing basis for continued improvements to help you scale your business.

Benefits of Shopify Growth and Optimisation Retainers

An Extension of Your Own Team

The Shopify platform gives merchants scope to customise and manage their stores without a huge amount of technical knowledge. However, if you want to increase traffic, conversion rates, customer lifetime value and revenue while freeing up your time to manage your business, our Shopify Support Services mean you’ll always have experts on hand to maximise your ecommerce performance. They become an extension of your in-house team, who get to know you and your business.

You’ll be allocated a dedicated Account Manager who will work with you to schedule and deliver work to improve your site and its performance, as well as acting as a strategic ecommerce advisor to your ecommerce business. Your AM will facilitate dialogue with subject matter experts across the D2C ecosystem. Regular calls and reports mean you’ll always be up to date with progress, and can keep track of the hours used.

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Stay Ahead of the Competition

Our investment in the long term success of our clients’ online businesses goes beyond creating a superb Shopify store. Ecommerce is always evolving - and websites also need to evolve to keep pace with audiences, markets and technologies.

A successful ecommerce website will grow and evolve alongside your business. Shopify provides an excellent platform for growth - and Eastside Co has the knowledge, team of Shopify experts, and solutions to bolster your business growth on the platform.

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Save Time and Money

A retainer package is more cost-effective than requesting ad-hoc pieces of work, and we give you the flexibility to choose a Shopify Website Support package that suits your needs and budget.

As well as being more cost-effective, our clients have found that this long-term collaboration is a more effective way of partnering to enable better results for quicker business growth. Our ecommerce expertise will help you avoid costly mistakes by optimising your website in the best way to increase sales.

By working with a Shopify Plus Partner for a website growth retainer, you can save time by handing your Shopify store support and optimisation requirements to a team of experts across Shopify design, Shopify development and ecommerce marketing who can handle them efficiently, allowing you to focus on other areas while we help you grow your business.

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What’s Included In Our Shopify Growth Retainers?

A Proactive Team of Ecommerce Experts

When you sign up to our Shopify support and growth services, you’re not just outsourcing to people to work on your website. You’re gaining access to a full team of ecommerce experts whose sole purpose is to optimise your Shopify store for growth, improve performance and help your business scale. It’s a collaborative and proactive service that becomes an extension of your own team: we drive your business forward and help you grow your audience, make more sales and keep people coming back.

New Shopify Store Features

There are lots of design and development site enhancements that can be deployed to help increase traffic, improve engagement, and grow sales on your Shopify store, such as branching out to B2B and wholesale operations. As a Shopify Partner agency, we stay up to date with the latest in online retail, and are always ahead of new ecommerce developments and tech advancements. 

Our Shopify Support and Growth plans mean you don’t have to worry about that - we’ll take care of it for you. Our design and development teams, under the direction of your Account Manager and in collaboration with you, will deploy ongoing improvements to your site as part of your retainer service.

Website Page Designs

Our UX and UI designers can improve the user experience and journey on your site, helping lead to more conversions and sales. In addition to tweaking existing pages, they can design new pages that convert, for example sales landing pages to help drive interest, clicks and sales. Continuous visual updates are key to keeping your site fresh and engaging for users, and we can make sure your store remains at the cutting edge, ahead of your competitors.

Shopify Development and Technical Optimisation

We can integrate your Shopify store with third-party solutions to enhance its functionality or create additional features, such as the ability to manage subscriptions. As well as integrations we can also use retainer hours to assess and improve site performance when it comes to key elements like site speed and accessibility. Paying ongoing attention to your Shopify store in this way helps your SEO and can contribute to better Google search results and increased traffic. 

Technical Support and Fixes

It’s important that your Shopify store is always transactional. The platform itself has an impressive uptime, but if your store becomes non-transactional for any other reasons such as user error, it is vital that you have experts like our team available to get you back up and running as quickly as possible. We’re also on hand to look at minor bug fixes or any other issues you’re experiencing with your store.

Some Of Our Retained Shopify Growth Clients

Take a look at some of the brands who have chosen our Shopify Growth Retainers to help them increase their audience, turn visitors into customers, improve their ecommerce stores and make more sales online.

Motel Rocks Shopify Retainer

Working with this fashion brand, we continually enhance their ecommerce presence with ongoing support for improved performance.

Absolute Collagen Shopify Growth and Support

We support Absolute Collagen with an ongoing growth retainer and saw organic revenue grow by 39% in 3 months.

Shopify Store Growth Plans: FAQs

We answer some of the most common questions we get about our Shopify growth retainer plans.

We provide Priority Support to some amazing brands on Shopify

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