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We’ve specialised in growing Shopify subscription brands since 2012, and have a team of experienced designers and developers helping brands aiming to maximise customer lifetime value..

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Shopify Subscriptions Services

Redefining The Customer Journey For Repeat Buyers

Ask any DTC subscription brand about their biggest challenges and they’ll tell you it’s growing and holding onto their existing customer base. Repeat buyers are worth over 20 times more than the average customer: that’s why we help ecommerce businesses elevate their brands by integrating subscription solutions into their Shopify sites.

We’ve developed custom subscription solutions for household names including Absolute Collagen, Wild Deodorant and Origin Coffee. With over a decade of expertise in designing and developing cutting-edge subscription solutions for our clients, we help them push the boundaries of ecommerce.

Working with key subscription tech partners including Recharge, Yotpo and Relo, our UX and UI designers ensure that the subscription process fits seamlessly into the customer journey. It’s then all brought to life by our development and project team, working closely with your chosen subscription platform to customise and integrate the solution into your Shopify site.

Creating completely custom subscription solutions with APIs is also an option. Implementing a custom subscription program on your store can mean that product page, payment and checkout for subscriptions can be fully styled to fit with your branding.

Benefits of the Shopify Subscription Model

Thousands of ecom brands are using the subscription model to grow their online businesses. We can help you join them by creating a unique subscription experience for your customers with our expert team of designers, developers and marketers. Here are just some of the reasons to get involved:

Shopify Subscriptions

Generate consistent revenue

Subscription revenue contributes to a steady flow of income and improve profitability and stability

Easy-to-predict revenue

Makes decision-making easier and helps manage elements like inventory and fulfilment

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Subscriptions Also...

Help increase customer retention

The longer a customer is with you, the closer the customer-brand relationship becomes

Boost customer engagement

More communication for subscription-based messages like delivery updates, newsletters, offers and announcements give more opportunity to strengthen the relationship with your customers

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Subscription: Benefits to Customers

Remove the need to reorder for recurring purchases

Subscription models enable automated ordering and delivery frequency 

Receive more benefits

Many subscription brands include benefits such as lower prices or bundles when customers commit for a longer term 

Build a stronger connection with the brand

Subscribers feel more connected to brands they subscribe to versus those from whom they make one-off transactions

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Shopify Subscription Partners


We’ve collaborated with Recharge on many of our custom subscription site builds and are listed as one of their Premier Partners. The product enables Shopify businesses to seamlessly scale their subscription businesses. Over 15,000 merchants of all sizes use Recharge to increase lifetime value, reduce churn and boost customer satisfaction. It enables easy combination of one-time and subscription products within one cart, and integrates with many other tech partners such as PayPal, Gorgias, Klaviyo and LoyaltyLion.

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We have a close relationship with Yotpo as a Premier Partner, and in their annual Partner Awards over the past several years have won Best Shopify Plus agency, the Excellence Award for EMEA, and also featured as a finalist for Best Retention Marketing Agency EMEA. Yotpo is an ecommerce retention marketing platform that includes a subscription management solution. Working closely with the Yotpo team, we seamlessly integrate their services with our clients’ Shopify sites.

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What Our Shopify Subscription Clients Are Saying About Our Work

“The combined tech stack of Shopify and Recharge, brought together by Eastside Co, has really demonstrated the power of subscriptions and helped boost Wild to the next level much more quickly than we’d anticipated.” 

Charlie Bowes-Lyon, Co-Founder and CMO at Wild Cosmetics

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Case Studies: Elevating Subscription Businesses on Shopify

We’re proud to bring our Shopify development knowledge to partnerships with subscription-based brands, including Wild Deodorant and Absolute Collagen. Take a look at some of the repeat-purchase-based ecommerce businesses who have chosen Eastside Co to develop Shopify stores with subscription functionality to help them maximise recurring revenue and grow their subscriber base.

Absolute Collagen

Placed 4th on the Sunday Times Hundred fastest growing British companies, we designed and built Absolute Collagen’s site, including an enhanced Recharge subscription integration.
 View Subscription Case Study 

Wild Deodorant

This natural deodorant brand has taken the world by storm since we launched their Shopify subscription store with a custom Recharge integration.
 View Shopify Subscription Case Study 

Origin Coffee

Sales went up by 23% within one month of launch of Origin’s new Shopify site with Recharge integration to boost subscription revenue.
 View Subscription Build Case Study 

Potion London

This luxury wellness brand took its revenue to the next level with a Shopify store with a Recharge subscription integration.
 View Subscription Launch Case Study 

Shopify Subscriptions FAQs

Everything you need to know about getting set up with subscriptions on Shopify

We help subscription-based brands thrive

Increase customer retention and grow recurring revenue

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