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We utilise influencer marketing to grow your business. The voice of influencers taps into and gains exposure to their audience in order to promote your brand.

What Is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is when businesses utilise the voice of influencers to tap into and gain exposure to their audience, to promote your brand.

But what are influencers? They’re social media content creators - we call them ‘influencers’ because their voices are listened to by their loyal followers. They’re usually compensated by money or other benefits to promote a brand.

Social media referral traffic to online stores has grown more than 100% in the past two years, more than growth of any other channel.

Influencer Marketing

While written product and service reviews are an excellent way to build customer trust, influencer marketing takes social proof to the next level by having trusted members of an online community vouch for your brand. Our experts will find the influencers that will give real results by getting your product out there in front of the right people.

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Eastside Co's Approach To Influencer Marketing

After gaining an understanding of your business, audience, and goals, our experts use a combination of community outreach and industry tools to discover the right influencers for your brand, who will align with your values and business objectives.

We will act on your behalf to build a mutually beneficial relationship with this community, negotiate terms, and grow output of content for your audience. Genuine interactions with influencers will earn credibility, authenticity and brand exposure.

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Organic Influencer Marketing

Paying influencers to advertise products and services online in this way can be an effective marketing tactic but we understand it can also become expensive.

So how can you leverage the power of influencer marketing without spending thousands on a tweet or social media post?

The answer is to build an organic influencer marketing strategy. Rather than paying influencers money to advertise your brand, our social media experts work and interact with influencers organically and genuinely to build relationships that aren’t transactional.

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Creating Brand Advocates

An organic influencer marketing strategy turns influencers into brand advocates in an authentic way which benefits both parties.

Brand advocates are members of the online community that rave about your brand. They share your content, interact with you, and discuss reviews of your products with their peers and audience - they aren’t motivated by money or any other kind of compensation.

They’re the perfect choice for brands with limited resources, as they promote your brand and products simply because you have a great relationship with them and they like what you offer.

Cost-Effective, Authentic Marketing

Organic influencer marketing is cost-effective and authentic because organic influencers are real people who already buy your products and services - people who create UGC about your brand. They’re genuine brand advocates. They might have 6,000 Instagram followers, or they may only have 200, but this isn’t as important - the key point is their authenticity, enthusiasm about what you do and the resulting influence.

Through a more natural influencer strategy curated by our social media team, your brand avoids the mistrust that many social media users and consumers feel about the motives of paid influencers. 

Through turning these influencers into brand advocates, you’ll be building loyal communities as well as increasing your brand’s presence by tapping into a broader audience.

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If you’d like to learn more about how our team can help build a community of influencers and brand advocates to help grow your brand, contact us for a chat!

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