Shopify is constantly delivering new technology. From additional functionality to brand new branches of ecommerce, this ever-growing platform is constantly adapting to provide its customers with the tools to excel in ecommerce.

With so many new updates, launches and features being released, we wanted to look at what’s going on in the world of Shopify and what brands should be on the lookout for. This summer alone we’ve seen some major updates, and with the release of Shopify Editions we’ve had some major insight into what Shopify has been working on behind closed doors. But that isn’t all. Just this week we’ve seen the launch of the brand new Shopify Collabs as well as more information on the B2B functionality.

Stick around to find out more about some of the updates and what it means for you and your industry.

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Shopify Editions

Back in June Shopify announced the launch of Shopify Editions, a collection of product updates across the whole of Shopify. Editions is a new way to showcase the work that Shopify is doing, and will see the release of multiple new features twice per year; with Summer ‘22 being the first and another expected towards the end of Q4 2022.

Releasing these larger Editions updates allows us to keep up to speed on what is going on at Shopify HQ. In the first release we have seen multiple new features which are all designed to help you win in a brand new era of commerce: connect to customers. Features centre around growing your customer base, and engaging with an audience to promote and encourage conversions.

What updates did we get with Shopify Editions?

Shopify Audiences:

Customer acquisition is becoming trickier. With the death of third party cookies, businesses are finding it more difficult to target customers using traditional digital marketing techniques. As such, Shopify Audiences is born. A new app from Shopify, Shopify Audiences helps you to find your next best customer. Using their unique view on purchase intent and their merchant network this app helps to identify buyers who are looking for your products.

Shop Cash:

Tap into new audiences with purchase rewards. Shop Cash rewards customers for using Shopify’s most popular checkout. Offering millions of dollars in Shop Cash rewards for Shop Pay purchases will allow you to tap into a whole new market. You will now be able to create exclusive offers to gain customers who are already using the Shop app.

Shopify Point of Sale

Shopify Point of Sale has a brand new update which marries your brick and mortar store to your ecommerce presence. Shopify has made selling in person more accessible with the introduction of Tap to Pay on iPhone, as well as introducing Point of Sale to 11 more countries allowing your brand to expand into international spaces. The updates to Shopify POS also come with new hardware which will have POS fully integrated; this is set for release soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

Shopify Markets

Internationalisation and branching out globally is a massive part of the new ecommerce landscape, and Shopify Markets simplifies the process. Helping you to reach new heights and branch out to different locations. Drive up to 40% higher conversion rates overseas by customising your online store front to suit different audiences from more regions.

Explore everything that was released in Shopify Editions Summer ‘22.

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Shopify Collabs

Shopify has just announced brand new Shopify Collabs. A fantastic tool which partners creators and influencers with Shopify’s thousands of merchants. This allows brands to reach new audiences and presents creators with opportunities to develop and enhance brand partnerships. Content creators are the next generation of entrepreneurs, and the creator industry is worth over $100 billion, however only 4% of all creators make content full time. This fantastic tool will simplify the process of collaborating with brands and allow creators to pursue partnerships whilst still dedicating their time to continuing to build their following, and producing the creative.

As well as providing creators with the opportunity to collaborate with new brands, Shopify Collabs also offers brands the opportunity to reach new audiences and tap into a new market. In the current ecommerce climate and with the death of third party cookies customer acquisition is becoming a point of contention for many ecommerce brands. Partnering with influencers and creators can help to boost your brand and add to your audience and using Shopify Collabs allows you to select influencers which connect with your brand and offer an audience which is already interested in purchasing from you.

What is included in Shopify Collabs?

  • Access to the influencer database: Get access to millions of creators in the Shopify database.
  • Gift tracking and fulfillment: Set creators PR packages, gifts and discounts straight from the app.
  • Affiliate links and codes: Create unique codes and affiliate links to easily track revenue driven by influencers.
  • Commissions: Track and pay commissions through Paypal.
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We are one of the world’s most trusted and experienced Shopify Plus Partners.

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B2B on Shopify

It’s here. Shopify has delivered the wholesale experience we’ve all been waiting for. Ecommerce is now the biggest industry and many wholesale and B2B businesses are stepping into the online marketplace, with 80% of B2B business expected to take place online by 2025.

Previously, online B2B sales could be cumbersome and fulfillment often a point of contention. B2B on Shopify harnesses the power of Shopify Plus to deliver a suite of first-party features integrated into the admin which means brands have access to advanced customisation of themes, and checkout as part of your Shopify plus plan. This fantastic new suite of features allows brands the ability to conduct their B2B business from one platform.

What’s new on B2B on Shopify?

  • Company profiles: represent multiple buyer personas with personalsied payment terms and permissions.
  • Net payment terms: automatically assign payment terms whilst tracking and collecting orders.
  • Price Lists: set buyer specific prices and assign them to the specific company profile.
  • Custom store themes: customise your online store for a personalised wholesale buying experience.
  • Customer accounts: create customer accounts to deliver a more personalised experience with tailored content and discounts.
  • Self serve portal: empower customers to manage their own account view and filter order history.
  • Ecommerce is an ever expanding business and Shopify are leading the charge for brands, from D2C, B2B and more the platform continues to grow and update as the needs and wants of our audiences change and adapt to the economic climate.

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