Ready to take the next step and move your food and drink store over to Shopify? You’ll be in excellent company. There are thousands of Shopify merchants worldwide and with a range of pre-existing themes dedicated to food and beverage stores, and ample Shopify web designers who are experts in creating delicious looking food and drinks stores, you can rest assured that you’ll be in great company!

Craving some inspiration? We’ve put together a list of 10 Shopify food and drink Merchants who are getting it right. Feast your eyes on these well-known brands...and we promise this will be our final food-related pun!

1. Beavertown

Beavertown is a unique brewery and beer retailer which was born in London over 10 years ago. From its humble beginnings to the household name it is today, Beavertown has grown with the power of Shopify.

As a website we can honestly say that it is unlike any other that you have seen. Beavertown is all about the brand and the flexibility of Shopify allows it to showcase its “uniqueness” through interesting design choices and product layouts. A truly one of a kind Shopify store, we encourage you to go ahead and check it out!

(Over 18s only please and make sure if you purchase to drink responsibly!)

beavertown shopify store

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2. The Sampler

Started in 2006, The Sampler was the first wine store to offer 'Sampling Machines'. As a company they have an incredibly large selection of fine wines, offering customers all over the world a taste of the best wines! With a mantra which removes the 'snobbery' from wine tasting they have always strived to encourage everyone to find a wine that they like - no matter their preference.

Built on Shopify, The Sampler’s website offers a simple navigation structure with a drop-down menu on the homepage which encourages customer interaction and provides a seamless route from initial click through to product selection. Product sliders on the homepage also act as a 'display case' showcasing just some of their wine selection making the purchase journey much more fluid...sorry!

sampler wine store on shopify

3. The Marshmallowist

As the first company to make gourmet marshmallows in the UK, The Marshmallowist uses quality ingredients to create unique flavour combinations. And their website needed to reflect their personality as well as the sophistication associated with gourmet dining.

Built using the power of Shopify, this website puts the products front and centre. Having the ability to showcase product imagery as well as pricing and even pulling through stock levels means that prospective buyers are filtered through the purchase journey from the moment that they land on the website, helping to increase conversions.

marshmallowist ecommerce store

4. Origin Coffee

Founded in 2004, Origin Coffee is a sustainable coffee brand which attributes its success to an ethical practice and quality products.

The brand recently migrated to the Shopify platform and as part of that re-launched their subscription business with a recharge integration. Subscription modules are the perfect way to encourage repeat custom, and in a world where the cost of acquisition is still rising - this is more important than ever.

We were lucky enough to work with Origin Coffee on their recent migration to Shopify 2.0. If you want to learn more about the project, head to our case study.

origin coffee homepage

5. Snackcidents

Formed from an idea back in 2015, Snackcidents by Gookie Dough was made by cookie dough lovers, for cookie dough lovers. Fast forward to 2017 and they had a logo and a website and were ready to start selling with. Since this time the business has grown from its humble beginnings to a national sensation.

Their website not only puts their products at the front and centre, but additional features such as a limited product countdown instil a sense of urgency within buyers and promote conversions. A fantastic feature of this website.

gookie dough shopify site

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6. Cutter & Squidge

Cutter and Squidge is a superb bakery delivery service which begin in London in 2013. After years of trading at culinary markets, they finally setup their own residence and began a delivery service which distributed gourmet cakes, brownies and biscuits up and down the UK. The letterbox style bakery which sells trays of delicious brownies which can be posted through the letterbox brings gourmet baking to your doorstep without having the leave the house.

Using the power of Shopify, Cutter and Squidge use their website as an online storefront and use a muted colour scheme and bold imagery to really sell their food products through the mouth watering imagery. One of the main elements which is pulled through onto the homepage is the fantastic reviews that this bakery have received.

cutter and squidge online shop

7. Planet Organic

A household name that provides a range of organic and healthy lifestyle food products online, Planet Organic’s website reflects the stripped back clean aesthetic that the brand is famous for.

Starting in 1995 as a health food store, the homepage acts as the online storefront and displays a wide variety of the products which the company has to offer. In addition to this, the site also uses Yotpo reviews to incorporate UGC into the homepage design. UGC is a great way to enhance the trustworthiness of the brand and encourage more first time buyers to purchase online.

planet organic on shopify

8. Heinz

Arguably one of the most famous brands in the UK, Heinz established in 1869, has built a fantastic online presence through the power of Shopify. Though a non-transactional website, Heinz have been able to build an informative site which uses features to point shoppers in the right direction to purchase their most loved products.

The website has a key focus on the ethical farming practices and really hammers home the brand name, and the longevity of the business.

heinz online shop

9. Pipcorn

Pipcorn, launched in 2012, sell fantastic heirloom popcorn snacks which satisfy a craving without the guilt. Sprung from an idea which brother and sister duo Jen and Jeff had whilst moving apartments, Pipcorn has developed into a national sensation.

Built on Shopify, Pipcorn uses interesting design techniques to mimic the brand’s aesthetic. The muted, rustic colour scheme and feel are reminiscent of the heirloom snacks mantra. In addition to this the Shopify build also allows them to embed graphics into the website which demonstrate the journey from field to cupboard as you scroll through the homepage.

pipcorn homepage

10. Huel

Huel (Human + Fuel) is a well known nutrition brand that sells anything from protein shakes to balanced meals. Huel started in 2015, and is made from all sustainable ingredients and contains a balance of all 26 essential nutrients.

Huel engages with their customers on a more personal level through their use of quizzes. Customers are able to answer questions about their lifestyle in a 30 second quiz which will point them in the right direction and offer up products which are relevant to them. A really interesting feature which promotes interaction and helps them to learn more about who is purchasing from their brand.

huel website on Shopify

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