Welcome Email Series

The email welcome series is your opportunity to introduce new, qualified prospects to your business and products. Find out how our email marketing experts can help craft the perfect welcome flow to make sure you engage with and delight your potential customers. 

The Welcome Series

As one of the foundational automated flows for any account, the Welcome Series is the first sequence of emails that many will engage with; a customer’s first introduction to a brand.  This is a critical moment in the customer journey as it’s your opportunity to introduce new, interested and qualified prospects to your business and product offering.

A Reason To Believe

Regardless of price point, purchases are considered. For purchases of a significant price point, or further from norms, prospective customers will undertake considerable research across numerous competitors before committing and converting. Understanding this behaviour is key for setup and heavily informs content and messaging.  Once we have a customer at the top of the funnel, we need them to buy into the brand emotionally, before they buy in financially. The Welcome Flow gives them a reason to believe.

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Considering a Purchase

Building Loyalty

Statistically, the Welcome email is the most successful email in an account in terms of revenue driving opportunity. To capitalise on this, template design and copywriting needs to be spot on. Focus should be placed on making this the most impactful and representative of your brand aesthetic, ethos and message. Clear call to actions, or CTAs, define customer engagement and influence activity following receipt. While being a transactional flow, we also build loyalty here.  A form of incentivisation is recommended at this initial point - you’ll want to feature this within sign-up forms too.

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How To Entice Your Customers With Welcome Emails

Below is a walkthrough of the Standard Welcome Series. While brands and products sold vary massively within ecommerce, the principle behind this automation remains fairly constant. In essence, a three tiered welcome flow aims to entice customers into the brand, explain to them why they should love the brand, and then introduce them to more of what you can do for them.

Email 1: Immediately After Sign-Up

The purpose of this is to introduce new subscribers to your brand and confirm their subscription; a personal ‘hello’. Depending on whether your account has double opt-in active, this email will arrive immediately after they’ve completed sign-up on the website, or after they’ve confirmed their subscription via email.

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Email 2: 3 Days After Sign-Up

Three days after they sign up, bring your subscribers back to your brand, by directing them towards a source of further information - this can be an encouragement to like or follow you on social media, linking to your blog or About page.

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Social Proof

Email 3: 4 Days After Sign-Up

Four days after someone signs up, bring your subscribers back to your products. Showcase your best-sellers, products that they may have missed or that will be of interest to them.

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Showcasing Products

You can customise or change the goals of any of these emails based on your brand and product offering. As email marketing is highly measurable, automations can and should be monitored closely after setup, and relevant A/B testing applied to test approaches. This information allows strategic development that makes sense. There is always the potential to expand out into further email steps, within this flow, triggered by conditional splits, specific behaviour and actions taken, or audience segments that customers fall into.

Increasing Relevancy for More Sales

Of course, to develop this flow dependent on customer properties and characteristics, it’s important to consider the risk of intrusion and to ensure you’re asking for only relevant and wholly useful data. For example, a fashion brand with gendered collections might benefit from a gendered welcome flow. This may require gender selection in the signup form, which has the potential to push customers away so we have to consider the audience. Higher value products likely have customers that are willing to divulge this info for a discount, whereas a fast fashion brand might see a drop in subscribers with more detailed data collection forms.

Welcome Series are a highly profitable automated flow that builds loyalty while encouraging conversions. With an impactful template and perfectly balanced copy, these give a new subscriber reason to believe in the brand.

Our email marketing experts understand how to maximise revenue from automations and targeted campaigns. If you’d like to talk with us about how we can help implement a welcome flow as part of your email marketing strategy, why not get in touch?

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