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We were delighted to partner with what3words, a global solution for finding and sharing exact locations - already used by millions of people around the world to make life safer, more efficient and less frustrating.

The elegant solution (dividing the whole world into 3 metre squares, and giving each square a unique combination of 3 words) was the perfect fit for the needs of Shopify businesses and their customers, to improve ecommerce deliveries. what3words asked Eastside Co to develop a public Shopify app that store owners could easily install, to enable the functionality right on the checkout.

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How Does what3words Work?

Traditionally, your Shopify business will collect addresses from customers for deliveries, but they often aren’t accurate and they don’t help the delivery driver find the right entrance.

This means parcels get lost, and you waste time and money dealing with messages from unhappy customers, admin, returns, and organising more deliveries.

what3words lets your customers give precise delivery locations, removing all of these issues and smoothing out the entire process.

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"Working with Eastside Co to build a what3words app for Shopify has been fantastic. The what3words app works across Shopify Basic and Shopify Plus, and is incredibly easy to integrate across multiple themes and multiple languages. Eastside Co are always on hand to support in resolving questions from end customers and generally offer speedy support as a Tech Partner."

Manuela Sabatino, GIS Product Manager, what3words

How Does The Shopify App Work?

Easily collect and validate precise delivery locations from customers by adding a what3words address field to your checkout.

The app uses the same principle as what3words’ broader solution: every 3 metre square has a what3words address made up of just 3 words, to specify exactly where to deliver.

With the app, you can easily add a what3words address field to your Shopify checkout. As a customer enters a what3words address, a helpful auto-suggest assists to confirm the correct location.

The what3words address can then be passed to the Shopify business’ delivery partner, so orders arrive exactly where they’re needed.

ESC has worked with w3w for over 5 years, supporting and developing the app, creating additional functionality as Shopify evolves.

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Benefits of the what3words Shopify App

Installing the extension onto a Shopify store means that business owners will reduce the number of lost parcels, spend less time on delivery admin, improve customer satisfaction and earn better reviews.

From a customer point of view, their purchases will be delivered first time, every time, their perception of the company will improve - and a happy customer is more likely to act as a brand ambassador.

Our app development team also included some customisable features - it’s possible to enable a tooltip to explain what3words; use autosuggest to suggest what3words addresses based on the customer’s location; plus businesses can also choose to restrict to country or region, in order to limit results to a specific area.

woman receiving parcel from delivery person at front door

“Customers’ what3words addresses can be accessed easily by a delivery partner or fulfillment team for delivery perfection. what3words is amazing. It’s free and seamless to integrate into Shopify. ” 

Katie Jackson, Co-founder of Wonky

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Need A Shopify App Developer?

“Integrating what3words with both our Shopify ecommerce sites and with our Trade sales team ensures reliable deliveries to city centre delis, remote farm shops, and pop-up festivals” 

Richard Heath, Brand & Marketing Manager, Olives Et Al

If you have a Shopify business, it's easy to improve your store and delivery efficiency for free - simply head to the App Store and install the what3words Address Field app onto your checkout.

If you need custom functionality for your Shopify store, or have an idea for an app that could be developed and made available in the App Store for other merchants to install, get in touch with us and find out how our team of expert developers can bring it to life.

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