Ecommerce Giveaway Tips: Run A Successful Contest

Ecommerce Giveaway Tips: Run A Successful Contest

When successfully launched, an ecommerce giveaway can be a great marketing tool for your online business. They can increase brand awareness and traffic, showcase your business on social media and give you a huge list of contacts for marketing purposes.

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When successfully launched, an ecommerce giveaway can be a great marketing tool for your online business. They can increase brand awareness, build up more website hits, showcase your business on social media and give you a huge list of details for marketing purposes. However the ecommerce giveaway landscape can be full of pitfalls and failures. A huge amount of time, effort and money can be put in with little visible result. We have consolidated some of our top tips to make your ecommerce giveaway a success, whatever you aim.

Consolidate your aims and design your entry accordingly:

First of all you really need to concentrate on why you have decided to run the website contest. Is it to gather email addresses for future newsletters; improve your Facebook likes and shares; increase the amount of followers on your Twitter or Instagram; direct more traffic to your website or improve your sales? Whatever your aim may be, you need to target how your customers will submit entries so that it will boost your business in the area that you want. For example, designing an entry by your customer submitting their email address will not help your Facebook fan page – a “like and share this post” campaign would be much more successful in this case. Make sure you have specific campaign targets so you can measure the success of your ecommerce giveaway.

Facebook giveaway campaign ideas The fastest and most effective way to boost your visibility on Facebook is to launch a “like and share” to win campaign. Make sure that the photograph of your prize and the descriptions are eye-catching. You want to get the attention of people who are not familiar with your company when they see it shared on their news feed. Even though this is a Facebook campaign you should be directing customers from all your social media sites and your website to the entry page. This will also convert existing customers who already love your brand but have forgotten to like you on Facebook.

Twitter giveaway campaign ideas Create a twitter hashtag entry for your contest. The best way to get this going is to ask your audience to come up with a creative answer to a question that is related to your industry. Therefore if you were a fashion clothing company you could ask, “What is the most creative thing you could use a sock for other than wear it?” Some of the responses you will get will be funny and encourage people to actively follow to hashtag and retweet the best responses. This will provide your company with a massive leap in visibility on Twitter.

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Instagram giveaway campaign ideas An image contest works well on Instagram. You could get existing customers to enter by posting their most creative photograph with your product. However this may limit the number of entries as it does not draw in people that do not know your brand. Illamasqua ran a fantastic example of a creative image campaign asking entrants to post an image wearing red lipstick, tag @Illamasqua and hashtag it #imtheone. It was launched around Valentine’s Day, which fitted the red lipstick theme. They picked a winner every day for around two weeks (encouraging multiple entries and therefore tags.) The prize was just a lipstick but the amount of links, tags and follows they increased was probably worth 100,000 lipsticks. Very clever stuff. Make sure to tag your giveaway with #giveaway #contest #liketowin #enter #sharetowin to generate interest from those looking to win a competition.

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Newsletter targeted giveaway ideas Generate a pop up on your website that opens on the homepage. The pop up should describe the prize and encourage the user to enter their email address for a chance of winning. This is perfect for collecting customer details that you can email market to in the future. If you need help installing giveaway codes into your website, then Viral Sweep is a great generator that works on lots of different platforms. Viral Sweep enables you to build and run giveaways that you can implement into any website or social media page. Simple!

Improve your sales:

Unfortunately, although giveaways are perfect for marketing, they do not always mean that your sales will rise. Many competition entrants are looking for free goods and not to spend money! A way to boost your sales is to offer a discount code as an incentive on entering the website contest (this will only work for email entry giveaways.) Make sure to give them a discount which expires within a week so they have more of an incentive to use it straight away.

Decide on your ecommerce giveaway prize and be realistic:

This is where many businesses go wrong with giveaways. You need to measure how busy your website and social media pages are. This will help you to determine what value of prize to give away. If your business has little interaction on your website or social media, it can be tempting to advertise a great prize to get more attention online. However you may find that the prize is worth more than the amount of email addresses or shares you receive. Companies that already have a following can get away with small or large giveaways. Both will receive entries, but better prizes will have more of an impact. Our advice is to always be prepared to give away something even if you receive nothing in return. Do not overstretch your company as it may end in a disappointing loss. Though we hope that some of these tips will help you generate interest in the right areas

Launch it at the right time:

Timing can be a critical factor when it comes to launching a giveaway. Launching too close to public holidays can mean less entries. It is also a great idea to give something that is relevant to the time of year. For example, if you run a ladies clothing website, give away a summer holiday wardrobe voucher worth £250 in May. Near Christmas and New Year you may want to market that you are giving away a whole festive party outfit instead. This works much more effectively than just stating you are giving away a £250 voucher. It makes it relative to the customers that you are targeting and helps them envision how brilliant winning would be. This is a great example by fashion company, Swell Mayde, who launched this giveaway just in time for festival season.

Keep it going for the right amount of time:

Do not drag out the length of the competition. You want to create a buzz without people getting bored. Two to four weeks is normally the optimum amount of time. Creative competitions can go on longer than simple email entries. People may want to work on their entry and the more creative your entrants get, the more notice your business will get online.

Announce the winner!

Do not just notify the winner that they have won in private. Shout about it on all the social networking sites. Tag your winner socially so that people can see their profile and share their congratulations. Trust in your brand will grow if entrants see a real person win. Their reaction to winning is also fantastic marketing with friends and family guaranteed to give your page a “like,” or website a visit.

Consolation prizes:

It may sound strange but entrants can get very disappointed they have not won. Especially if it was a prize that they really wanted to win or they had a very creative entry. Make sure they do not “fall out” you’re your brand, soften the blow and increase your sales at the same time by releasing a consolation prize for every entrant. On social networking it is probably easiest just to release a discount code for everyone to use. For email marketing you can send them a personal email apologising that they did not win this time, but offering a discount as a special thanks for entering.

Hopefully these tips have given you some great ideas for your ecommerce giveaway. Make sure to check out our other blog posts where we cover more ecommerce topics including SEO and social media tips for your business. If you are looking for any web design or development work for your ecommerce store then contact us.

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