How to increase ecommerce revenue

How to increase ecommerce revenue

Want to know how to increase revenue on your Shopify store? Maximise every opportunity to cross sell and upsell more products!

Written by Matt Allen

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How much does it cost to increase your sales by $1000 dollars a month?




Giving your ecommerce sales a significant boost usually comes with a cost: whether you’re investing in social media marketing; Google Ads; paying influencers to promote your products or paying bloggers for reviews.

The first thing a retailer will ask is - What is the return on investment?

None of these options guarantee a return on investment. What if there was a way of taking the traffic that you have already got and enticing visitors to spend, and spend more? What if this cost less than $20 a month?

Check Out Cart Convert. Powerful Upselling and Cross selling solution for Shopify.

How the physical retailers do it

Already getting good traffic from your marketing strategy? Upselling and cross selling is a sales tactic that retailers put a lot of research and resource into. Why do you think stores (even the ones that don’t sell food) have snacks next to the check out? These are impulse purchases. It’s very easy to add a $1 chocolate bar or a drink to a $40 shop. You’ve just been browsing the shop floor for the last half an hour and you’re probably thirsty or hungry.

What if you could apply that same logic to an ecommerce store?

Upselling and Cross selling in Shopify

Your customers are about to pay. They’re already in the purchasing mind set. Their card is in their hand and they’re looking at the items in their shopping cart. If you had the power to serve related items to your customers at this point, you could drastically increase your revenue per transaction.

Especially if these items are low value, or could enhance their experience of the products they’ve already added to their cart. Just look at Amazon - the ecommerce giant showcases products that have frequently been bought along side items, as well as highlighting spend thresholds for free delivery or its add-on items.

We’ve Created A Solution That Allows You To Do This In Shopify

And you can multiply that tenfold if you give them a promotional offer at the same time.

Serving your customer with related product suggestions is a sales tactic that multi-billion dollar corporations spent millions of dollars developing, and have made billions of dollars from. You should be using tried and tested upselling and cross selling methods on your store. Especially if someone else has done all the leg work for you.

Increasing revenue with Cart Convert

Shopify doesn’t offer this valuable functionality as standard, so you need to find a Shopify App that you can plug in to your store to do the hard work for you.

The ability to upsell and cross sell products within the shopping cart has been proven to increase the value of conversions - we’ve seen this work for our app customers.

Our top five Cart Convert customers have generated a total of almost $35,000 in additional sales revenue in a single month (Yes, that’s THIRTY FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS) just through Cart Convert sales. Using Cart Convert, these merchants showed their customers over 11 million additional products, converting these offers into 17,000 additional product sales in one month.

I repeat, that is JUST on products suggested by the app. That’s on top of the revenue that they were generating themselves.

That’s an average $7,000 extra a month at a cost of $19.00 - $7,000 sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

If you’d like to see an extra $7000 in revenue, Try Cart Convert Free For 14 Days.

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