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Dealing with Ecommerce in an Omnichannel market

Posted By Jacob Ingram

Ecommerce is an omnichannel industry driven by the consumer.

As an ecommerce retailer you need to be where your audience is, and your audience is everywhere. They’re browsing search engines, they’re using Amazon services, they’re on facebook, twitter and instagram; and they’re in the traditional places too, at the end of a phone line and checking their emails, even browsing in bricks and mortar stores and magazines.

They are also impatient, because you’re giving them all of this great customer service, all the time and almost instantly.

‘There are all these different ways, and if you can handle these methods of communications seamlessly and consistently with your brand voice, then you are really going to win over customers.’ -Rebecca Brocton, Ecommerce Solutions Specialist

But how do you handle all of these communication methods? How can you provide the great customer service that Amazon does, with a fraction of the resource?

The Omnichannel Survival Guide

Eastside Co.’s founder and CEO, Jason Stokes, recently took part in a series of videos discussing how to exist in an omnichannel market. Jason, along with hosts Essential Retail, Brightpearl and other ecommerce specialists, went through the obstacles that retailers have to face and to overcome them.

The series is split into four chapters (all of which you can access here)

  1. The Omnichannel transition and the issues facing retailers
  2. How to be where your customers are
  3. The Omnichannel Buying experience
  4. Turbocharging your order process

The Omnichannel Survival Guide is available as a Kindle ebook, co-authored by Essential Retail and Brightpearl, and gives retailers a detailed, omnichannel approach to each aspect of online retail.

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Shopify Conversion Checklist

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