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How To Create Effective Text-to-Speech Voice-Overs for your YouTube Ads

YouTube offers a diverse range of advertising options, including Short ads, skippable and non-skippable in-stream ads, bumper ads, and more. The introduction of the text-to-speech voice-over feature in 2022 further enriched this platform and gives more tools to Shopify and ecommerce brands to increase their reach and boost their businesses.

Google's audio ads enable advertisers to boost the impact of their YouTube advertisements by reaching their audience while they engage with YouTube content they truly care about.

In this guide, we will take you through the step-by-step process of effectively leveraging text-to-speech voice-overs in your YouTube ads to enable you to deliver compelling messages about your Shopify brand that deeply resonate with your viewers, and drive remarkable results by following the recommendations below.

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1. Plan and Strategise

Before diving into the implementation process, take time to plan and strategise your YouTube ad campaign. Define your goals, your target audience, and the key messages you want to convey about your Shopify brand, products and services through your ads.

2. Access Google Ads

Log into your Google Ads account and navigate to the relevant campaign where you want to incorporate text-to-speech voice-overs. (More details in the step-by-step guide below.)

3. ‘Create a New Ad’ or ‘Edit an Existing Ad’

Choose whether to create a new ad or edit an existing one within your campaign to include the text-to-speech voice-over ad.

4. Choose the Appropriate Ad Format

Select the ad format between 6-15 seconds. Depending on your ad length, options may include skippable in-stream ads, non-skippable in-stream ads, or bumper ads.

5. Access the Ad Assets

You can manage ad assets within the ad creation or editing interface. Find the Asset Library located in the top right corner under ‘Tools and Settings’ within the Shared Library. This is the section where ad assets can be managed.

6. Add a Voiceover

Click on the ‘Add Voiceover’ button to access the text-to-speech voiceover feature. Follow the step by step guide below.

7. Customise the Voiceover

Enter the desired text that you want the voiceover to narrate. Ensure that your text is concise, engaging, and aligned with your ad's message.

8. Choose the Voice Style

Select the voice style that best suits your brand's personality and resonates with your target audience. Experiment with different voice options to find the perfect fit.

9. Language Selection

Choose the appropriate language for your voiceover. Consider your target audience and tailor the language selection accordingly.

10. Preview the Voiceover

Take advantage of the preview feature to listen to the voiceover before finalising your ad. Make the necessary adjustments or revisions to ensure optimal quality.

11. Fine-Tune the Audio

Adjust the volume and other audio settings to ensure a balanced and impactful audio experience for your viewers.

12. Sync with Video

If you already have a video prepared, synchronise the text-to-speech voiceover with the visuals to create a seamless and engaging ad experience.

13. Review and Refine

Review your ad, paying attention to the overall flow, messaging clarity, and adherence to your brand guidelines. Make any necessary refinements to enhance its effectiveness.

14. Ad Optimisation

Optimise other elements of your YouTube ad, such as your brand USPs, and call-to-action, to complement the voiceover and create a cohesive message.

15. Launch and Monitor

Once you are satisfied with your ad, launch it and closely monitor its performance. Track metrics like views, engagement, and conversions to gauge its success.

16. A/B Testing

Consider conducting A/B testing with different variations of your ad, including alternative voice styles, to identify the most impactful approach.

17. Iterate and Improve

Continuously analyse the performance of your YouTube ads and iterate on your voiceover strategies. Identify areas for improvement and implement changes to enhance future campaigns.

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We are one of the world’s most trusted and experienced Shopify Plus Partners.

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Creating Impactful Voice-Over Videos for YouTube Ads

These easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions will equip you with the skills to create impactful voice-over videos that captivate your Shopify brand's audience and drive success.

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  • Access your Google Ads account and navigate to the Tools icon.
  • From the section menu, select the Shared library drop-down option.
  • Click on Asset library.
  • To begin the process, click the plus button and select Video.
  • Choose the option to Add voice-over.
  • If you have an existing video in the Asset Library, select it and click on the button at the top right. Then, choose Add voice-over.
  • Select the source video for the voice-over. You can choose a video from YouTube or from the ones created within Google Ads.
  • Note: The video duration should not exceed 140 seconds.
  • Enhance the video by proceeding to the "Voice-over messages" text box. Enter your desired voice-over text, keeping in mind that each message can have up to 150 characters. You can add up to 5 voice-overs by clicking + Add Message for each new one.
  • Customise the start times for the voice-over messages to ensure they don't overlap. Each voice-over will begin once the previous one concludes.
  • Adjust the video volume, which is by default set at 80%, by scrolling along the video volume bar.
  • Preview the video by clicking on the image under "Selected Video".
  • Choose the voice type by selecting the desired option from the "Select a voice type" dropdown menu. In US English, you have 7 voice type options available, while other languages offer 2 choices.
  • Select the language of the voice from the list of supported languages, including English-US, English-UK, English-IN, English-AU, Hindi, French, Spanish, Indonesian, Malaysian, Mandarin, Filipino, Korean, and Swedish.
  • Adjust the voice-over volume by scrolling along the voice-over volume bar.
  • To view the generated video with the voice-over, click Load Preview. Please note that the preview may take a few minutes to load.
  • Once satisfied with the voice-over and message, click Create video.
  • Provide a title for your voice-over video, and an auto-generated name will be suggested as well.
  • Finally, upload the video to your YouTube channel by clicking Upload video.

Once you’ve successfully uploaded your first voice-over video on YouTube, make sure you measure its performance. And remember, if you need support with any element of your Shopify store's online advertising, get in touch and our team can advise.

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