We've taken a look at some of the key updates from the ecommerce platform that have been rolled out over the past month.

Check out the list to find out about the latest improvements to Shopify and how they'll contribute to a better experience for you and your customers.

March 2nd

New Rich Text Features in Online Store Editor

Ordered lists and headings have been added to the rich text setting within the online store editor. This allows merchants to easily configure semantic styling for text within the online store editor wherever the rich text setting is used within a theme.

In addition, this aligns the feature set within the rich text metafield and the rich text setting in online store editor. This means that semantically styling site content is a consistent experience from metafields through to the online store editor.

March 7th

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Improved Shopping and Markets Settings

It is now easier for merchants to see which countries and regions are being sold to.

March 9th

Claims Process for 'Shop Promise Limited Guarantee' Improved

To submit a claim, shoppers should visit the Shop App and click on the order that they would like to submit a claim for. If eligible, they will receive Shop Cash in the Shop App once the claim is processed.

March 9th

Marketing Reports Enhanced to Include Cross-Device Data

This was backdated to reports as of 1st March. Having data across devices gives Shopify merchants a more complete picture of the customer buying journey and interaction with the store across all of their devices.

It will also improve attribution model accuracy, helping merchants and marketers better understand their highest-converting marketing channels and where to invest marketing budget.

March 9th

Credit Card Detail Storage for B2B

As part of B2B on Shopify, customers purchasing from stores with Shopify Payments can securely store credit card information at checkout or within new Customer Accounts.

they will never need to re-enter their credit card information at checkout, as it’s saved for future purchases, and can view, update, and delete cards as needed.

Once cards are stored, merchants can take any of the following actions from the company location page in your Shopify admin:

  • manually charge a vaulted credit card for an order with a pending payment
  • change which vaulted card to charge for an order with a pending payment
  • delete a vaulted card for a location

March 13th

Google Analytics 4

GA4 is now available through the Google channel app on Shopify, enabling Shopify store owners to upgrade and take advantage of its enhanced real-time, multi-channel measurement and privacy controls.

Check out our article for more information on moving from Universal Analytics (GA3) to Google Analytics 4.

March 20th

New Navigation Bar Menu on POS

Shopify has moved the menu bar to make it easier for staff to get things done. To help them navigate between different areas of Shopify POS faster, the app menu has been redesigned to surface key launch points with a single tap.

Key in-store actions like 'Orders', 'Products' and 'Customers' are laid out in a convenient way for staff to access. Staff can easily switch between different parts of the POS app without having to navigate across multiple views.

Access to Analytics, Register, Staff, Settings, Support, Connectivity and Lock Screen is one tap away using the new More menu badge. Available menu items will continue to be dependent on the staff’s permission levels.

Improvements have also been made to the way discounts work to make it easier for staff to access, activate and apply discounts. It also makes it easier to apply custom discounts.

March 22nd

Shopify Balance Can Be Connected to QuickBooks

This integration allows merchants to automatically sync their Balance transactions between Shopify Balance and Quickbooks.

This will make managing tax easier, reduce manual efforts, and make it easier to communicate accurate financial information to bookkeepers and accountants.

March 23rd

'Shop' Sales Channel Added to Shopify Admin

All merchants listed on the Shop app will now see the Shop channel in your list of sales channels in the Shopify admin.

Shop channel enables Shopify store owners to customise your Shop store, manage your product listings on Shop, respond to reviews from your customers, and run in-app offers.

March 27th

Shop Pay - Tipping

As well as guest checkout, customers can now add a tip on the Shop Pay payment page. Tipping on Shop Pay is available when the tipping option is turned on under Settings > Checkout. Customers can add the tip as a percentage of the order total or as a custom amount.

March 27th

Shopify Search & Discovery App Updates

It is now easier for merchants with large product catalogues to view and edit all search boosts and product recommendations in the Shopify Search & Discovery app.

It's now possible to view the full product catalogue and use 'boost' and 'custom' tabs to see which product recommendations or search boosts have been customised.

March 28th

Taxes and Duties Presented More Clearly in Shopify Markets Pro

Import taxes and duties collected from customers will no longer be shown as a fee collected in payouts reports. These transactions will now appear as a seperate line item. Duties and tax transactions will only appear once an order is fulfilled.

March 29th

Dynamic Sources For Blogs and Articles

This will allow blocks to be connected to metafields and metaobjects connected to a blog or article. This means that anyone managing blog posts can use custom data to improve their workflow.

March 31st

Gift Cards Can Be Sent To The Recipient With a Message

Customers can now choose to send a gift card directly to the recipient's email and include a personal message. NB the Shopify store owner will need to be on the latest version of Dawn to enable this update.

And that's it for this month!

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