What's It Like Working At Eastside Co?

What's It Like Working At Eastside Co?

Meet our Head of Talent, Faith, and find out a bit more about life at Eastside Co!

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Having come from an agency background, I’d been expecting to jump into a fast paced environment, meet an enormously talented team and hear about plenty of big brand client work. But I’ve also found so much more on offer here at Eastside Co.

I’m Faith and I’ve just joined the business as ‘Head of Talent’ which means I’m responsible for all things recruitment. As a result, I’m often asked the question ‘What’s it like to work at Eastside Co?’ So here's the answer...

We’re ambitious, with new offices, clients and team members springing up across the globe. We’re flexible and trust our team who either work fully remotely (forever) or spend two days in the office each week depending on their preference. One of our values is being ‘Candid’ so we call it like we see it. Plus, we hire the best in the business and as a result, we’re really good at what we do (so good that we’ll need to hire an extra thirty new team mates before the end of the year). But most importantly, we’re all on the same side, regardless of role, team, background or title. Want to see what I mean? The example below highlights that ethos in action.

A few weeks in, our board team hosted an all agency away day with an agenda which included; welcoming newbies into the fold, giving everyone a really transparent overview of future plans, talking about our mission, vision and values as an agency whilst also revealing our charity partner for the upcoming year. The final words from our CEO were ‘It’s not my business, it’s our business’ and from our Chief Marketing Officer ‘We all move forwards together.’

And of course, no agency social would be complete without a few after party drinks, the making of some colourful memories and a few sore heads the next morning. But for me, the quotes above will stick with me the most. The thing that sets Eastside Co apart from other agencies is that the people centred approach is so genuine. It’s never just words or a tick box exercise, teamwork and consideration for others is at the heart of the business.

As I’m Head of Talent, it’s a given that I’ll add a call to action. So here goes. If you’re a marketing professional looking for somewhere with real ambition, heart and forward thinking, then check out our latest vacancies here: Eastside Co Careers | Remote Shopify & Digital Jobs or feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.

Plus, we have scooters in the office for when we’re there...can you get more agency than that? Come join us!

Eastside Co has been recognized as one of the Top United Kingdom Digital Agencies by DesignRush.

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