10 Reasons Why You Need a Marketing Strategy

10 Reasons Why You Need a Marketing Strategy

We’re experts in delivering bespoke ecommerce marketing strategies and would like to highlight our top 10 reasons why you need a marketing strategy, and how it can help your brand.

Written by Charlotte Blackmore

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A marketing strategy is essential for every business and is a great way to set clear objectives. Creating a marketing strategy plan helps brands to target the right audience, manage their goals as well as increase profit and develop more opportunities to sell. What’s more, you’ll be able to deliver content that exceeds your consumers’ expectations and has the edge over your competitors. At Eastside Co, we’re experts in delivering bespoke ecommerce marketing strategies and would like to highlight our top 10 reasons why you need a marketing strategy and how it can help your brand.

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1 - Raise brand awareness

Creating a successful marketing strategy is key to raising brand awareness. Presenting your brand across a variety of platforms, particularly digital, is a great way of reflecting your brand's values, products and services and unique selling points. This helps more people to recognise your brand and increases the exposure of your campaigns.

2 - Leverage your prospects

Promoting your brand through a marketing campaign strategy helps to strengthen your customer loyalty as well as leverages your prospects. By setting a marketing strategy, your brand is able to connect with your audience and get to know your consumers behaviour so that you can target their needs better.

3 - Measure your goals and ROI

When using a marketing strategy, your brand is able to set and measure goals to improve the performance results of your campaigns. A marketing strategy will also make it easier for you to track ROI so that you can plan where best to spend your resources.

4 - Increase sales

Marketing strategies are an essential part of promoting your products and services. They allow your brand to reach a wider audience, build its presence across a range of platforms and increase your conversion rate. Making it easier to generate new leads and sales.

5 - Improve brand sentiment

Through using a clear marketing strategy, this helps to improve your campaign performance and gain positive brand sentiments. This means retrieving valuable mentions of your brand which enable you to measure feelings and attitudes towards your products or services. The more brand sentiments you get, the easier it is to optimise your marketing efforts.

6 - Show that your brand is relevant and active

Following a marketing strategy ensures that your brand stays relevant and active which is an essential part of driving more potential customers. A marketing strategy helps your brand to keep us with current trends and earn trust from new prospects. So you can maximise your brand’s reputation and opportunities.

7 - Get ahead of your competitors

Developing a strong marketing strategy gives your brand direction and focus which will allow you to move in front of the competition. You’ll be able to track and measure your goals against your competitors, strengthen your performance and get the most out of your budget.

8 - Target your key audience more effectively

A marketing strategy will enable you to identify the needs of your consumers so that you can target your audience more effectively. This will help determine what marketing channels and tactics you should use to reach your ideal potential customers.

9 - Boost organisation within your company

Having a marketing strategy is a great way to create more structure and organisation within your company. Giving your brand the ability to manage the success of your marketing tactics and to prepare greater forecasts. So you can focus on hitting those big goals!

10 - Set clear guidelines and budget

With your marketing strategy, you can set clear guidelines which are key for measuring and adapting your marketing tactics. You can track the performance of your marketing and reevaluate where to spend your budget. By having a set budget, you can plan what marketing techniques and resources you can use, ensuring you get the most out of your strategies.

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