AdRoll Advert Writing Tips: How to build a banner campaign

AdRoll Advert Writing Tips: How to build a banner campaign

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At Eastside Co, we do not just help our customers create a successful website. We help them create a successful business. Many of our ecommerce clients ask for our advice on how to use AdRoll effectively to build a great banner campaign and increase their conversion rate. Of course we are more than happy to help and share our extensive marketing knowledge with them. Therefore we came up with this useful guide on how to make the most of your AdRoll advertisements.

Why is AdRoll so fantastic for ecommerce?

You may have noticed that when you log in to your Facebook, that adverts for a previously visited site will appear. Don’t panic! There isn’t a stalker peeping in through your window, this is the work of AdRoll.

AdRoll is a marketing service that many ecommerce stores are using to bring customers back to their store. Ninety-eight percent of customers leave an ecommerce store without converting. AdRoll use targeted display advertisements which are shown to customers who have recently visited your site. This works on both web and social media platforms. This results in your customers being retargeted as they surf their favourite news sites, blogs, social media networks and more. AdRoll gives your ecommerce store access to more than 60 leading ad networks and exchanges, including Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo.

Targeting your ecommerce audience with AdRoll

AdRoll does most of the hard work for you when targeting your audience. It works on a pay per click system. Meaning that you do not pay anything if your campaign fails to get any impressions. It also lets you control how much you spend. You can set a weekly budget for the campaign depending on how much traffic your website gets. The AdRoll recommendations are as follows:

10,000 – 25,000 unique visitors – £220 – £440 per week

25,000 – 50,000 unique visitors – £440– £880 per week

50,000 – 100,000 unique visitors – £880 – £1760 per week

You can specify when the campaign will begin and end, as well as a specific location that you would like to target.

AdRoll sets itself apart from other remarketing services by using something called smart pixel. Once the code is installed across your site, AdRoll will then be able to collect data about your users. Smart pixel will view and analyse the users of your website. For example some potential customers will bounce off your homepage, some will look at specific products, some will covert and others won’t. This information is then stored in the Smart Pixel data warehouse. This lets AdRoll determine how valuable the users are to you and what to target to them later on. AdRoll can then generate a bid, in real time, on how much to spend on retargeting a specific user.

How to create eye-catching banners for AdRoll

Once you have done the market research for your business and set your AdRoll targets there is just one more thing left to tackle: to create eye-catching, clickable banners for your ecommerce AdRoll campaign. This may sound like a simple task but designing something that will display the message of your website and entice customers back to your store (in such a small area) is easier said than done.

The main problem is that your customers view hundreds of online adverts daily. Making it hard for your ecommerce store to stand out. In such a competitive market it is hard to make a good impression. Here are a few tips to make you stand out from the crowd and convert those customers:

Keep it as simple as possible:

Over-cluttered banners with too much detail are tuned out by visitors. Many marketers think have a more-is-more attitude to sales. Yet with banner advertisements, this is simply not true. If your ad is packed with images and text the customer is likely to ignore it. Keep your AdRoll banner simple by using striking, singular images and concise, clear fonts and language.

Clarity is best:

Your customers should not have to study your ad to know what it is about. The meaning should be obvious from a single glance. It should showcase what your product is and why they should want to buy it.

Include offers:

Why do you think your customer may have left your site? Is it to see if they can get a better deal elsewhere? The beauty of AdRoll is that you can run banner campaigns that include compelling offers to increase conversion. You could test one that shows a promotional code with 10 percent off the customer’s order. Then the week after you can try one with free shipping. Not only will you be able to track how many people have seen the AdRoll campaign and used the code, you may be able to find patterns why the customer did not convert in the first place. If the free shipping banner does very well then you may need to drop your postage prices.

Make it authoritative:

The highest converting banners have a clear direct messages. Terms such as “Buy Now,” “Get Your Free Trial” or “Don’t Miss Out” are great marketing terms to help a potential customer convert.

If you want to get started with AdRoll and already have a Shopify store then why not take a look at the AdRoll application that is available to download in the Shopify app store. For any design queries, do not hesitate to contact us at Shopify Builder for advice.

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