Shopify has over 1,400 pre-existing themes in its store. These themes are designed to provide new businesses with an optimal starting point to get them set up online and begin trading. Shopify themes are specially created by designers and developers based on experience within a variety of sectors to provide start up businesses with the bare bones to get their company up and running. However, there are a multitude of different themes to choose from from each different sector, and the question is, which one to go for, or even if a theme is the correct route for you.

Themes are the perfect solution for getting quick-to-market, and perfect for businesses looking to break into the ecommerce space. However, themes aren’t always a one size fits all - custom build Shopify websites are preferable for brands looking to grow and scale with a team of ecommerce experts behind them.

But if you’re just starting up, and have a limited budget Shopify have a range of themes starting at zero cost and going up to $350. Explore where is the best place to start, take a look at our list of the best Shopify themes available, both free and paid for.

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The Best Free Shopify Themes

1. Dawn

With the launch of Shopify 2.0 came the new Dawn theme. Marking the dawn of a new Shopify era, this theme encapsulates the essence of Online Store 2.0 by offering sleek design along with quicker load speeds and larger images allowing your products to take centre stage. Dawn is the new standard Shopify theme for 2.0, this free theme is perfect for a range of sectors including home, fashion, beauty and more. The minimalist design allows for an interesting and easy to browse website whilst not overshadowing your product offering. Like most other Shopify themes, Dawn offers a quick-to-set up solution which can get your brand up and running in no time at all.

2. Craft

The Craft theme marries the modern elements of ecommerce with a rustic and natural aesthetic. Perfectly suited for sustainable living or home and garden brands, this theme has optimal spacing for enhanced content and product imagery. With a heavy focus on compelling content there is optimal space to sell a narrative for a specific product. Where some products sell themselves through their intricate design, others such as organic soaps, or minimalist pottery can be promoted through intelligent lexis and storytelling. The earthy tones and ornate typography make this a truly beautiful, and practical theme.

3. Sense

Sense is a self proclaimed “energetic” theme which balances vibrant colour accents with a simplistic white background to create a modern aesthetic perfect for health and beauty brands. But - the main selling point of this theme comes from the product layouts! With ample space for product detailing, compelling testimonials and image & video galleries, this theme really lets your products do the talking.

4. Taste

When it comes to promoting eye-catching contrast through fine lines juxtaposed with vibrant colours, Taste is the perfect theme. Specially designed to complement the food and beverage industry, the large spaces for both images and text create an area for enough information to the benefits and nutritional value of your products. Also integrated within the theme is space to incorporate larger product cards which encourage product highlights, UGC, and FAQ’s to encourage and aid buyers in making informed decisions.

5. Crave

A fun, bold and vibrant theme that allows your products to jump off the page, and be noticed. Perfect for the food and beverage industry this fantastic theme demands attention. Created specially for the on-the-go food industry, this theme is completely mobile optimised, and the dynamic checkout options encourage buyers to checkout quicker and more seamlessly than ever before. As an added extra, this fantastic foody theme provides additional pages built in which will allow you to share information, ingredients and even recipes, allowing your store to stand out from the competition.

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The Best Paid-For Shopify Themes

1. Impulse

Cost: $320 USD

As one of the most popular paid-for themes, Impulse is perfect for fashion brands, as well as health and beauty. The theme boasts three varied pre-set options, Modern, Clean and Bold. Each theme is specially designed to fit perfectly with a different variation of the aforementioned themes, with the modern theme lending itself perfectly to fashion and beauty brands, and the other two looking more at the sportswear and sporting goods. The theme boasts 20+ sections which are now available anywhere on the website, product sales points, multiple landing pages and more. Brands can also get a helping hand at keeping their customers interested with a customisable product promotion designer. Backed by the power of OS.2 this theme offers both speed and customisation options.

2. Drop

Cost: $280 USD

A fantastic theme that creates a sense of hype and buyer anticipation. The built in countdown timer, allows you to create a countdown to sales, product launches and more to really instil a sense of urgency within your customers. Merchants can set up dates for product launches or end of sale dates to really promote this “buy it now” mentality. Customers can also select the “notify me” option on products to get an alert when certain products go live. A fantastic feature which is powered using the new metafields function available on 2.0. On top of this fantastic stand-out feature, the sleek, modern design will appeal to a range of audiences whilst the understated colours and block sections allow your products to stand out against a minimalist background.

3. Blockshop

Cost: $250 USD

The perfect theme for health and beauty stores, Blockshop offers a sophisticated, understated theme which perfectly embodies a softer, more natural beauty brand. The spacious grid style theme and hero imagery makes for a website which uses whitespace to its advantage making products subtly stand out from the neutral backdrop. Whilst the design and layout offer the perfect aesthetic, this theme really shines when it comes to the product page. The product layout puts all of the key information towards the top of the page meaning that customers have all of the information they need to make an informed purchase decision, whilst right next to the “add to cart” button. This fantastic layout helps to encourage conversions and aid in getting them from the product page, to the checkout, seamlessly.

4. Fresh

Cost: $350 USD

Looking for a fun way to sell food and beverages online? Fresh is a fantastic theme which comes in three different styles. From the pops of colour, to the interesting use of shapes, this is designed to propel your food and drinks business into the forefront of people's minds. On top of the added quirks and colours, Fresh offers important additional features for those looking to break into the alcoholic beverage market. The theme includes as standard a pop-up which encourages drinkers to confirm that they are of legal drinking age before even entering the website, an essential element for those in this industry. The perfect theme for brick and mortar stores looking to break into the ecommerce market, with 24 products or more.

5. Symmetry

Cost: $300 USD

Living up to its namesake this theme provides a professional symmetrical design which allows your products to take centre stage. Specific sections throughout the theme encourage the use of large hero images, and video content allowing your products to ultimately sell themselves. Perfect for fashion brands the simplistic design also holds its own “testimonials” section which will drive customers to conversion through the power of UGC. Sitting within the product page, you can find colour swatches, size charts and inventory level notice to guide users seamlessly through to purchase. The perfect starting point for brands looking to begin their journey selling high end fashion.

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