Shopify recently announced the new Mobile Buy SDK, allowing businesses to supercharge their Shopify stores using a mobile app. The SDK integrates directly into your Shopify store, and is available at no additional cost from your current package.

What is the Shopify Mobile Buy SDK?

SDK stands for Software Developing Kit. This is a software that allows simple transactions when selling physical products inside your mobile app. By adding a few lines of code, you are able to connect this app with the Shopify platform and add Buy buttons or embed a responsive online store. This Mobile Buy SDK means that you do not have to waste time building an order management back-end or integrating payment gateways which thus lets your users purchase your products on their mobile device.

What does the Mobile Buy SDK do? Mobile software development kits (SDK) often provide the basic service for the many popular apps that are utilised by tablet and mobile users alike. As apps have proved to be so easy for personal use, they have started to become popular for business use also.

Companies have seen the big opportunity that apps can provide due to how easy they are to use and their simple processes. SDK allows for businesses to customise their own stores very easily and for very specific purposes. Now, the embedded app SDK is being used successfully across Shopify platforms through Shopify-created apps. What are it's advantages? Once having purchased the Mobile Buy SDK, which includes a sample code, you can turn your responsive online store into an app that accepts Apple Pay, which is currently the quickest way for people with existing shops to start selling with a mobile app.

For those more technically advanced, the Mobile Buy SDK gives the user access to a broader set of e-commerce tools such as product lists, checkout and cart management. This gives customers a more native and individual experience when using your store. The new SDK has been specifically designed to make life easier for those using a Shopify store; both the owner and the customer. It has made integrating commerce into all forms of mobile apps much simpler and is provided with no extra cost to a normal Shopify plan. Currently available is the iOS version of the SDK with the Android is set to come out later this summer.

So, with this new, innovative mobile kit, e-commerce checkout platform, Shopify are allowing their developers to have a single touch payment system with options such as Apple Pay or credit card. This app has revolutionised the mobile e-commerce platform checkout system, improving it drastically for both developers and consumers. How do I get started? The easiest way to integrate the SDK into your Shopify app store is to speak to a Shopify Expert. A Shopify expert can support you through the integration and launch of your new mobile app. To speak to one of our experts around building a Shopify-integrated mobile app, call us on (0) 800 865 4720 or send us a message.