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Eastside Co Partnership with NEW Shopify Plus

Posted By Emily Hickey-Mason

We're proud to announce that due to our Shopify knowledge and status as being the best rated and most reviewed Shopify experts in the UK, we've been invited by Shopify to become one of the few official Shopify Plus partners in the world. Our track record of beautiful Shopify Plus sites such as our latest launch, Flatspot, has made us eligible for this prestigious partnership and we're excited to get cracking on more Shopify Plus sites.

Launching on 9th June, Shopify Plus has been designed to abolish the annoyances and time consuming nature associated with technologies such as uptime and integrating software. With the technological and operational nuisances eliminated, Shopify Plus users can focus all of their attention and precious time on utilising the new integrated features and tools.

Shopify Plus is also extremely useful for us as it means we can launch sites at double if not triple the speed than with other e-commerce platforms; this allows us to generate traffic for you and make sales immediately. This is then followed by the continual use of built-in integrations and analytic tools to maximise and maintain those sales.

So, why use Shopify Plus?

Our goal is to make e-commerce better for all of our lovely clients and with the help of the stunning new features from Shopify Plus, we're one step closer to achieving this!

In the past, whilst e-commerce platforms have boasted huge amounts of exceptional features and generated plenty of traffic and sales for store owners, they hold the reputation of sometimes having costly integrations, limiting contracts and inflexible design constraints. With the debut of Shopify Plus, such issues are now redundant. Shopify Plus is able to give users incredible and intuitive tools that will place them on the competitive global stage.

We're huge fans of Shopify Plus for many reasons but mainly because it offers such a secure, reliable and scalable solution for e-commerce companies that are looking to make their business flourish. The admin stress taken away by Shopify Plus allows our clients to focus on what really matters: great products and awesome customer experience.

Easy-to-Use Technology

Shopify Plus has brand new, easy-to use-technology which eradicates business disruption whilst offering constant team support. It has a very simple and intuitive backend that allows members of your team to access key functions directly from the admin which makes the management of your store easier and more enjoyable.


One main advantage of Shopify Plus is that it's famous for being an extremely affordable solution which saves owners money whilst gaining instant results.

Quick Launch Time

An issue that some of our clients have voiced in the past is the launch time that a normal Shopify store requires. Whilst this isn't a problem for most store owners, those who want their store up and running as a matter of urgency can struggle with their patience. Shopify Plus allows businesses to quickly get going and reap in the sales.

Extensive App Store

There is an array of awesome apps available for Shopify Plus users which allow stores to be even more personalised. There are over 500 apps and add-ons for Shopify Plus, including those designed specifically for marketing, sales, shipping, social media, inventory, accounting, customer service, reporting etc.

Reliable Sites

Shopify Plus uses the latest in high-performance technology which possesses numerous advantages for a site, namely, that it won't dwindle during a large amount of transactions. Shopify Plus can handle whatever you throw at it, including processing thousands of orders per minute which makes for an easy and enjoyable experience for customers every time.

Custom Sites Designed and Built from the Ground Up

Shopify Plus has some fantastic new fully customisable front end and responsive build features. This makes it easier for us to bring your brand vision into reality.


Instead of enterprise solutions that are self hosted and mean that any issues/hacks etc. are your wholly your responsibility, Shopify has a cloud based hosted solution. This gives you more time to focus on your marketing and sales whilst being assured that you're protected by a Level 1 PCI DSS compliant this is the same level security as your bank.

Infinite Scalability

Shopify Plus is an infinitely scalable platform, meaning that no matter if you're launching a major flash sale or moving huge amounts of products on a daily basis, Shopify can take on the challenge! As your company grows, your online store will scale seamlessly alongside it.

Faultless Updates

Shopify Plus maintains both the infrastructure and the underlying software. The clever structure of the Shopify Plus multi-tenant architecture maintains and deploys new updates without you even realising. By doing this, you save time and worry regarding old code bases and manually updating your system for improvements.

Efficient Integrations

If you have a CRM, an ERP, Shipping, Accounting or Marketing Automation solution that needs to be integrated into your e-commerce site, Shopify's API offers a selection of third party solutions which tie all aspects of your online business together.

SEO Customisations Optimisation

It's vital that your platform allows you to customise and optimise your Shopify SEO strategy. Shopify Plus is fantastic for this as it ensures search engine relevant pages are shown to target audiences. Similarly, another exciting feature Shopify has for SEO is the Traffic Control App' which redirects all of the traffic you've built up previously without compromising your SEO rankings.

There we have it: all you could possibly want to know about Shopify Plus! We're incredibly excited to be able to offer this to both our current and new clients and know that it offers infinite advantages to our clients' businesses. We feel very privileged to have been selected to become an official partner of Shopify Plus and want our clients to be able to benefit from this as much as possible.

If you would like to enquire about Shopify Plus and bringing your business up to new levels, please drop our Sales Manager Dan an email on: dan@shopifybuilder.com

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