Google is going through a rebrand

Google is going through a rebrand

AdWords is now Google Ads. Find out why, when and what it means!

Written by Jason

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Google Adwords isn’t going to be Google AdWords anymore.

Google AdWords launched almost two decades ago and was Google’s simple solution for connecting internet users with companies. Over the years, the ways we search the internet have increased - more devices, more platforms and more browsers than ever before. The scope of the opportunity available to marketers has expanded over the last 18 years, and it is an exciting time to be advertising in Google.

This growth and expansion has turned the Google advertising landscape into a complex system with several portals, all of which integrate into your marketing strategy in some way.

So Google is simplifying it and making it as user friendly as possible.

‘As always, our commitment is to ensure that all of our products and platforms set the industry’s highest standard in giving people transparency and choice in the ads they see.’ Sridhar Ramaswamy - Senior Vice President, Ads and Commerce at Google.

Google AdWords is becoming Google Ads and has received a slick, new facelift. The interface is more user friendly and it feels like a tool that anyone can get to grips with.

DoubleClick ad manager and Google Analytics 360 suite are being merged under one brand - Google Marketing Platform. Ads and analytics work hand in hand, so it makes sense for Google to package these in the same place for a complete look at your ads and traffic data.

Google Ad Manager is the new home of DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange. This will become an essential tool for those looking to promote on videos, games or interacting with content.

Why is Google changing things now?

Google has decided to repackage its offering so that all the tools you use to market your brand are in the same place. Rather than having different tools to publish ads, track your traffic, and see your conversions, everything is going to be easier to access. This is good news for marketers and brands that run their marketing in house simply because it makes it easier to analyse your website’s performance across multiple channels. In an omnichannel world, it’s the logical next step.

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