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How long does it take to see results from SEO for my Ecommerce store?

Posted By Jason Stokes

Ah, the million dollar question, sometimes quite literally. You see, once SEO does start to kick in it can reap rewards like no other marketing strategy available. We get asked this question a lot which is understandable as a client wants to know they are making a feasible investment from SEO for an ecommerce store. We lay out a reasonable time-frame depending on a variety of factors:

Keywords to target

This is probably the most important factor out the lot. Applying the correct keyword research to find keywords that you can actually rank for in a reasonable time-frame is what separates an outstanding Shopify SEO expert from the rest of the pack. If you are a brand new eCommerce store selling ladies handbags its going to be terribly difficult to rank in the search engines for handbags or even ladies handbags straight away.

Retail stores that have an online presence such as Debenhams and Zara have built up their brand and authority over a longer period of time so are able to rank for the most competitive keywords. To compete with these retail giants we need to find long tail keywords that have decent search volume but have lower competition to rank for. Over 80% of visitors to websites arrive from long tail, quite staggering really, and thats why targeting these types of keywords can be very profitable relatively quickly for SEO for new eCommerce stores. Further reading: Shopify Keyword Research Best Practice.

Your domain authority

Domain authority tells search engines how trustworthy your site is and is a powerful indicator of how easy it is for a website to rank for more competitive keywords. To build domain authority takes a variety of factors including on site optimisation, quality links pointing to your website, a social media presence and a well maintained blog. As new stores are still at stage one of SEO for an ecommerce store it takes an SEO expert to apply the correct keyword research to type of domain authority a store may have. Choosing the highly competitive keywords for a low domain authority store can mean years upon years of waiting to rank on the first page of Google, or to never rank at all. Further reading: Building your Internal Links, Social and Sitemaps

Competitor domain authority

Also known as competitor research, checking the domain authority of the top ten sites ranking on the first page of any search engine is imperative to gain an understanding of how competitive a particular keyword is and how long this may take a certain store to rank. This type of opportunity analysis can reveal a rough estimate of how long it may take to rank for a keyword. Although this is worth bearing in mind dont be disheartened if you find a keyword you want to rank for is dominated by websites with high domain authority. With a persevering and creative digital marketing strategy anything is possible for new and existing ecommerce stores.
Further reading: 3 Important Tips for your Shopify SEO Strategy

Variety of marketing

Following on from this to really get that domain authority up to par you must put effort into a variety of different marketing channels. There's little point building links to your site if you dont have a regularly updated blog and theres no point writing exceptional blog posts if you never promote them on social media and theres no point telling the world about your store on social media if the design, navigability and on site optimisation is not perfected. I think you get the picture, but setting out a well-balanced marketing strategy is what we strive to do at Shopify Builder to get you ranking in no time at all. You may want to read: 4 Simple Reasons Why Link Building is NOT Dead

Algorithm changes

Google use different algorithms to determine the worthiness of a website to rank high in search. The two main algorithms that you should be aware of are Panda and Penguin. The Panda algorithm looks at your on-site SEO, navigability and on site metrics such as bounce rate, time on page and conversions.The Penguin algorithm looks at the types and quality of links pointing to your site and the types of keywords connected to those links. You want to be aware of the SEO for your ecommerce store and how well optimised your store is straight from the design phase so you can be prepared to appease both of these algorithms and get ranking for keywords in as quick a time as possible. You may also like to read: Top 25 SEO Questions That Store Owners Ask So, to answer the million dollar question ¦ well, it depends. I know I know you didnt want to hear that but it really does depend. What we can say with fair amount of certainty is that if you follow our advice and apply competitor and keyword research, optimise your site, write a killer blog, acquire quality relevant links to your store and keep on top of your social media, the rewards will come sooner rather than later. Much sooner.

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