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With everyone having access to a digital camera it’s quite often a store owner believes they can shoot their own products without professional equipment. Unfortunately a camera phone or a standard digital camera just can’t make up for a professional shoot with a high quality camera and lighting equipment.


Having great product shots is perhaps the most important aspect of any e-commerce website and can be the difference between your product being sold or still on your shelf. We all buy on visual and physical impulses and as the the buyer can’t physically handle your product, it’s up to your images to do all the hard work and convince your potential customer that the product is of a high quality and a worthy purchase.
Below is an example of a babies bottle photographed with a mobile phone and done properly in a studio by a professional photographer, which image would you prefer to make your purchase decision on?


Product Shots: How Not To Do It
Product Shot: How To Take the Shot
Highly Effective


It doesn’t always have to be a white background

Not all product shots need to be shot in front of a white background, they can also be shot in their natural environment. For example, a stunning necklace on a model or maybe a designer bookshelf in a studio living room setting… Get your potential buyer’s imaginations going of how it could look if they had it.
Where ever you place your product ensure it enhances the product’s appeal and the environment is professionally lit.


Typical photographer rates

A good professional photographer can take approximately an hour or so to capture 15 of your best products on a brightly lit white background.


Prices range from £75 per hour, from £250 for half a day and from £400 for a full day’s shoot. Note, some photographers may include photo touch-ups in their rate prices, where as some may have this as an additional fee.


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